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A special meeting of the La Paz County Board of Supervisors that was scheduled for Jan. 13 has been cancelled. The meeting was to have been held at the Bicentennial Community Center between Salome and Wenden. The board was going to discuss, hear comments on, and act on two matters regarding a proposed aluminum recycling smelter near Wenden.

Techocon International and its subsidiary, Alliance Metals, have requested an amendment to the county’s comprehensive plan and a zoning change to accommodate the smelter, which they want to build on property adjacent to the entry to Bicentennial Park. They want to change the zoning from Rural Agricultural to Industrial Planned Development.

Proponents of the smelter say they will bring needed jobs to the area and additional tax revenue for the county and local schools. They have said they will operate a safe and environmentally friendly facility. They said they have gone beyond the requirements for safety, pollution and hazardous materials.

Opponents have expressed concerns over toxic emissions and hazardous materials to be used in and produced by the smelting process. They are also concerned about heavy truck traffic on U.S. Route 60.

A meeting of the county Planning & Zoning Commission held Dec. 5 at the Bicentennial Community Center saw a parade of speakers who opposed the smelter. The commission voted to recommend the Supervisors not approve the change to the comprehensive plan or the zoning change.

As of press time, there was no word as to when the meeting would be rescheduled.


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Alliance is not going to roll over and play dead just because unworthy residents say no. Alliance has already spent a small fortune improving the property with a chain link fence, so they're completely willing to spend additional cost to get their way in court. In other words, they've never had any intention to be a good neighbor whatsoever. They're only objective is to set up shop and make lots of money at the expense of children and families.


Gee what a great opportunity for more jobs in that area, more money for the County. So would these negative Nancy's rather stay home and collect unemployment? Or have a job and work? Don't complain you can't find a job and can't put food on the table for your family. Yes, there may be more heavy truck traffic on HWY 60. Maybe the state would be willing to expand the HWY to two lanes each way. It's called growth people. Stop being so negative for growth.

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