Magistrate Court

The Town of Parker wants to turn this building on Arizona Avenue across from the Parker Justice Court into a new home for the Town’s Magistrate Court. They have so far rejected all bids on the remodeling project as too high.

The Parker Town Council has voted to reject a bid of from Straight Arrow Contracting LLC of Tolleson, Ariz. for the Parker Magistrate Court. At the recommendation of Public Works Director Steve Ziegler, the council rejected the bid of $295,000 at their Jan. 7 meeting.

The council had budgeted $150,000 for the remodeling project and $50,000 for the roof in their budget for fiscal year 2019-20.

This is the second time the council has rejected bids on the remodeling project. In July 2019, they rejected all five bids that had been submitted, saying they were all too high. They ranged from $356,000 to $458,000.

Ziegler recommended Straight Arrow’s bid be rejected due to what he called high mark-ups on bids from subcontractors. As an example, he showed the council papers that showed Charley’s Kustom Air made a bid of $30,800 for HVAC work. In their bid, Straight Arrow had $56,659.53 for HVAC work.

Zielger said the mark-up could’ve been due to Straight Arrow not being sure of what their subcontractors would charge.

As for what’s next, Ziegler said he will be working with local contractors to see if they can keep the costs in line with what the council has budgeted. He said the goal was to get it done by the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30.

The project is planned as being low budget, Zeigler said. There will be nothing fancy about it. In an earlier meeting, he said one could go to Home Depot and purchase the materials they plan to use.

The Town purchased the building at 1112 Arizona Avenue in March 2018 at a cost of $170,000. The plan is to move the Magistrate Court and offices for the Parker Community/Senior Center into the building. It was best known as the office of the Motor Vehicle Division until MVD moved to their new office on Mutuhar Drive.

As it stands now, the Town is working to get the Magistrate Court into the building.

The Magistrate Court will occupy one-half of the building. Ziegler said the project will consist of a reception area with key card access to the courtroom and reception office area, a bullet-proof reception window, a public and private bathroom, file room, court clerk office, jury room, judge’s office, break room, courtroom with judge’s bench, jury seating, and prisoner holding area. There will also be a new roof, redesigned front façade, and new air-conditioning units. In addition, improvements will be made to the sidewalk and parking areas to make them complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In addition to budgeting capital funds, the Town applied for and received a grant from the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts for $39,322 for security equipment mandated by the state for all the courts in the state. The AOC is part of the Arizona Supreme Court.


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