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Equipment was installed in the La Paz County Board of Supervisors’ meeting room last week that will make it easier to live-stream the board’s meetings and improve access to records and recordings of those meetings.

The Supervisors approved the purchase of the equipment at their March 15 meeting. The system is from Dallas-based Swagit Productions LLC. The total cost is $67,000, of which $17,000 is paid for from a grant to the County Elections Department.

Finance Director Terry Krukemyer said that, when the county first started looking into this equipment two years ago, the quote they received was $80,000.

Clerk of the Board Diane Green said the system consists of new cameras and audio equipment, TV screens and recording equipment. There will be live-streaming of the board’s meetings on the county’s website, or meetings can be viewed later. Individuals using the website will also be able to go directly to discussions and votes on particular action items.

Green said the system will also improve access to public records and documents.

Krukemyer said the county had been looking into this equipment for two years. He noted the quote they received from Swagit this time around was $13,000 less than two years ago. He said a grant for the Elections Department was sought because the room is used for counting votes in elections. He said this would make it easier for county residents to watch the counting as it takes place.

“Elections are all about transparency and security,” he said.

Krukemyer said this was being done so county residents in the outlying areas could have access to the meetings without having to drive to Parker.

“It’s all about making the meetings more conducive to the public,” he said.  “It’s going to be the best audio-visual room in La Paz County. It will make the room a modern chamber.”

Green said the system should be up and running by the Supervisors’ first meeting in May.

“It’s going to be fantastic,” she said.

Swagit Productions LLC is based in Dallas, Texas and was founded in 2003. They specialize in providing live-streaming equipment and services to schools and government entities. Their motto is “Always Connected.” Among the clients they list on their website are the cities of Miami Beach, Fla.; Chino Hills, Calif.; Carbondale, Ill.; and Abilene, Texas.

Their website is


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Is the new system going to make La Paz County more transparent? Although I must say with the current judge and new sheriff that county has already improved. Now that Sam "the Beetle" Vederman, Dan "the rattlesnake" Field, along with his mother Cathy are gone, La Paz is cleaning up, a little.

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