Parker Town Hall

An independent human resources investigation of the Town of Parker found some communications problems at Parker Town Hall.

The Town of Parker has received the report on the investigation of possible human resources abuses Mayor Karen Bonds asked for. While the report found allegations of Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer creating a hostile work environment towards former Senior Center Director Darla Tilley were unfounded, the report found problems with how the Town handles human resources issues. The report stated a lack of separation between the Town Manager and the Human Resources Manager puts the Town at a disadvantage when it came to dealing with HR issues.

The report was prepared by Lori Lindseth of Revolutionary HR Consulting. It came about after Tilley resigned her position on April 9. Tilley said she was resigning under duress due to a meeting with Wedemeyer and Police Chief Michael Bailey April 7 concerning unspecified allegations of bullying by Tilley.

After several residents spoke on Tilley’s behalf at the next Town Council meeting, Bonds gave direction for an independent investigation into this and other HR matters.

In the report, Lindseth said she interviewed nine people. With the exceptions of Wedemeyer and Tilley, the names of the others who were interviewed were redacted in the copy obtained by the Pioneer through a public records request.

Tilley claimed she had been bullied by Wedemeyer since November 2020. Among the issues that led Tilley to this conclusion were conflicts over how to handle the situation when a senior center employee was tested positive for the coronavirus. She said she and Wedemeyer had a good working relationship for 21 years prior to this.

Wedemeyer denied creating a hostile work environment or retaliating against Tilley. The report said she referenced a history of “problematic” interactions Tilley had with the staff and well as complaints about Tilley’s behavior. These included formal letters of complaint regarding Tilley’s behavior that four employees submitted April 2, 2021.

This led to the April 7 meeting between Tilley and Wedemeyer with Bailey present. Tilley was informed of the complaints against her, and was asked to create a “succession plan.” She was also told some of her duties were going to be reassigned to others.

The report stated Tilley understood she was being asked to submit an “exit plan,” and that Wedemeyer effectively told her she was to resign voluntarily or be terminated.

Wedemeyer said she never referred to an “exit plan.”

While one of those interviewed described conduct from Wedemeyer that he perceived as hostile, the others reported they saw no behavior from Wedemeyer they would consider hostile, negative or retaliatory. However, those interviewed described Tilley’s behavior as problematic. As a result, one stated he refused to meet with Tilley behind closed doors while another refused to interact with her unless it was in writing, recorded or witnessed.

The report stated:  “The allegation that Darla Tilley was forced to resign from her position with the Town of Parker under duress following an April 7, 2021 meeting with Lori Wedemeyer and that she has been subjected to a hostile work environment and retaliation by Wedemeyer is unfounded.”

In findings indirectly related to the Tilley-Wedemeyer matter, Lindseth criticized the Town for not separating the duties of Town Manager and Human Resources Director. Wedemeyer currently handles both.

“The lack of a clear separation of duties between the Town Manager role and the HR Manager role does a disservice to both Town Employees and the Manager,” Lindseth’s report states. “Both should be properly supported with the professional HR expertise critical to most effectively address and resolve issues that will undoubtedly arise.”

Lindseth also criticized the manner in which employees communicate with and interact among themselves and the Town Council.

“Specifically, yelling, screaming and the use of profanity was described regularly as a typical or routine form of communication within the Town,” she said. “This style of communication has reportedly led to distrust and morale issues among Town employees and Town Council members.”


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sam whittemore

wonder what kinda shenanigans the county is up to? cant be much different than the town.


shenanigans the county is up to, trying to cover each others butt. hopefully soon they can show their butt bent over while being booked into jail for the criminal acts they have done in the county. abuse of power and greed will be the down fall.

sam whittemore

youre right! looky at the article about our superior court judge today!!!! never ends in la paz!! but i doubt they will ever be held accountable. citizens dont care... thats why it goes on and on.....


i care, megan spielman, kimmy olsen, ryan dooley, duce miner, william ponce, and other's, all criminals! greed will be their down fall.

citizens 🤔, stupid, 😨🙀, clueless.

sam whittemore

i think the best thing to do is unicorporate Parker, and turn it over to the county. really no reason for any separate towns in this county. they are all broke and broke down anyway. then, abolish they board of supes and the county court system. turn it all over to CRIT to run. they at least know how to make and shake down a buck. Their ethics are operationally flexible, and dovetail nicely with how things are down now in the county. so , we should have the same management philosophy as we do now, but the yuuuuuge plus is the county could have the budget out of the red. think outside the box! love the buzzterms.


I have enough evendience to bring down, megan spielman, that would eliminate superior court clerk, eliminate superior court adminastor and county adminastor, I have enough evendience to eliminate deputy election kimmy olsen, I have enough evendience to eliminate deputy county attorney ryan dooley, still need little more for sheriff ponce to be elemated. people wake up,

task force goes in and makes one big sweep on "drug dealers", oops, forgot task force pays citizens to do their job, wonder if we paid task force to wear wires, we could do a big sweep, call it "citizen arrest"

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