Western Arizona Humane Society Veterinary Assistant Chandra Mayak (left) and Medical Director Dr. Rayeanne Solano apply new bandages to “Ghost,” whose legs were seriously injured when he was brought to the Humane Society’s veterinary clinic in early June.

Being a pet shouldn’t have to hurt, and one lucky canine got a second chance at a loving home last week.

The Western Arizona Humane Society has announced the adoption of “Ghost,” an 18-month-old Siberian husky. With snowy-white fur and bright blue eyes, the animal had no small amount of energy as his new owners prepared to take him to his new home on the morning of July 22. Although Ghost may have appeared healthy this week, however, his recovery will take several months longer.

Ghost was brought to the Western Arizona Humane Society on June 8, after he was found by a La Paz County Animal Shelter inside a kennel. The animal suffered severe injuries to its legs, was found in a kennel near Quartzsite. According to statements last month by Humane Society Executive Director Patty Gillmore, it was believed that Ghost was tied to the back of a vehicle and dragged, then left to die on the roadside.

Western Arizona Humane Society Medical Director Rayeann Solano has led efforts to treat Ghost’s severe injuries. Between treating infected wounds, surgical procedures, bandages and sutures, Solano will continue to monitor Ghost’s progress – because Solano herself has adopted him.

“We developed a strong bond over multiple weeks of treatment,” Solano said. “I’m hoping to give him a happy home, and I’ll be treating him 24 hours a day, if need be.”

Ghost’s front paws have mostly healed, Solano said, but his hind legs are expected to recover more slowly due to the extent of his injuries.

“Ghost has a great temperament,” Solano said. “He’s very tolerant of his treatment, and friendly. He’s become kind of a mascot for WAHS. He’s great with other animals, and great with kids. He will heal completely. And afterward, he will be coming back to the shelter for more visits.”


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Michael Roth

Small correction to this great story; I’m the one who found Ghost wandering in the desert in Quartzsite. I caught him, watered him, and called QPD and Officer Weltha put him in his patrol vehicle and took him away. I’m glad “whitey”, my name for him, is going to a loving home.

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