LPRH new tower

The surgery crew at La Paz Regional Hospital had big smiles for the new laparoscopic tower.  From left: Cari Horne, CST; Monica Poehner, RN; Hanna Hoffman, RN; and Dana Pasley RN.

The surgery department at La Paz Regional Hospital received an early Christmas present when the hospital purchased a new $160,000 laparoscopic tower.  The versatile Stryker Laparoscopy Tower provides visualization and documentation of endoscopy procedures. It also provides enhanced capacity for arthroscopy and other rigid endoscopy procedures. The tower includes the monitors, printer capture, transmitter, camera, light source and insufflator.

Laparoscopy is one type of minimally invasive surgery.  This means less cutting and the surgeon will not have to reach into the patient’s body to see what is there.  This process uses a slender tool that has a tiny video camera and light on the end.  When the surgeon inserts this through a small cut or opening, he can look at a video monitor to see what is happening.

According to Surgery Director Maegan Knauf, “This new model gives us better imaging, higher definition light and the ability to store images.” The new cameras that are used with the system are high-definition and are better for helping the surgeon to distinguish critical anatomy.  Earlier models allowed the surgeon to take pictures of any area under study, but the pictures were printed, not stored.  The new system allows for storage of multiple pictures for later viewing and the ability to print copies.  She added, “We perform laparoscopy hundreds of times in a year, and this is an exciting upgrade.”


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