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A vehicle involved in an Amber Alert out of Wyoming was stopped in La Paz County on Friday, Nov. 18. James Martin Warren, 36, of Casper, Wyoming, was taken into custody by La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputies. The 14-year-old female who was the subject of the alert was found unharmed in the vehicle.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s Office said the vehicle was spotted at 8:12 p.m. on Nov. 18 in the community of Bouse. It was headed north of State Route 72 towards the Town of Parker. The Amber Alert was issued by the State of Wyoming for a 14-year-old girl who was listed as missing and endangered.

A Sheriff’s Deputy located and stopped the vehicle at milepost 138 on State Route 95. Martin was arrested on an outstanding warrant for felony custodial interference. The case was turned over to the FBI.

The vehicle was spotted and detected by a Flock Safety Camera operated by the Sheriff’s Office. Flock Safety is a company that specializes in high-definition cameras for outdoor and neighborhood work. They describe themselves this way on their website:  “Flock Safety is a public safety operating system that helps cities, businesses, schools, and law enforcement in thousands of communities work together to stop crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. We build hardware and write software that captures the objective evidence police need to solve crime. Thousands of communities across the country use our proprietary devices and cloud-based software to help law enforcement solve upwards of 5 percent of all reported crime in America.”


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Are the people in Bouse being spied on by the cameras and not knowing about it?


Satellites can identify you from the way you walk buddy….


Yes they can, but I don't think Sheriff Ponce has any satellites LOL

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