County mail room

County Finance Director Terry Krukemyer is seen in the new mail room in the county building across the courtyard from the Board of Supervisors’ offices. The room consolidates the mail operations of the departments in the building in one room.

There’s a new mail room in the county complex on Joshua Avenue. It’s in the building across the courtyard from the County Supervisors’ offices. Finance Director Terry Krukemyer said it will help cut costs for the different departments housed in the building, will make things more convenient for the Postal Service letter carriers, and did not cost the county taxpayers a lot of money.

Krukemyer said the mail room was originally in the Finance Department, and it was used for Human Resources for a number of years. When HR was moved over to the former career center building in 2018, the office was vacant. It was during 2019 and 2020 that it was transformed into a mail room for the entire building. It was opened in early July 2020.

As it was before, Krukemyer said two of the offices in the building had their own small mailing machines for sorting and postage. Some of the departments in the building, including the Assessor, the School Superintendent and the Health Department, didn’t have their own postage machines and used stamps. The letter carriers from the Postal Service had to make individual deliveries to each office.

“A mail room was needed for this building,” Krukemyer said.

The new mail room features one postage machine, a Pittney-Bowes IN-600 model. It can process 7,000 to 9,000 mailings at one time. It’s used by all the departments, Krukemyer said. They are billed each month by the county for their postage.

“This machine can do a lot more, and can do it faster and better,” Krukemyer said. “The rental cost is less than it was for all the small machines we were using.”

In addition, the new mail room contains large bins for each of the departments. This means the letter carrier can make one stop and deliver the mail to the individual bins rather than have to go to all the different offices. Outgoing mail can also be picked up in the same room.

The biggest expense, Krukemyer said, was for a door from the mail room into the internal hallway in the building that runs behind the different department offices. He estimated the cost for that was about $3,000. 

The rest of the room hardly cost the county anything. Krukemyer said they used old shelves and cabinets from the Recorder’s Office from when they reorganized a while back.

Jackie Kummerle of the Finance Department said she really appreciated the new mail room. She said it made it easier for the department and the letter carriers.

Krukemyer said the room saved money for taxpayers, was time efficient, and was more efficient for the letter carriers.

“It’s a win, win, win all around,” he said.


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sam whittemore

3 grand for an interior door? a few people to be fired . no wonder why the county keeps jacking the public for more money. oh well. could be worse. it couldda been the yuma college district scam putting in a door and it wouldda cost us 7500. don't forget to keep masking up sheep! CONJOB19 cant exist without your submission.


That door is most likely a secure door so no one could break into it. That's most likely why it cost that much. You must not know anything about the cost of secuity of a county building. Just like the Jail.

sam whittemore

i worked for local govt for 31 yrs. mail room aint a bank vault. thx for defending govt though!

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