It was a special night for Parker Police Officer Raymond Gomez as he received two awards at the Aug. 6 Parker Town Council meeting. The first was from the Buckskin Fire Department for his role in the fire at Eagles’ building July 16. The second was an “Officer of the Year” presentation from the office of U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, the Parker area’s representative in Congress.

The award from the Buckskin FD was presented by Chief Troy Maloney. He thanked Gomez for his actions during the fire at the Eagles. After Eagles’ member Nathan Torres alerted everyone in the building to the fire, Gomez went in to make sure everyone was out.

Maloney said Gomez told them the building was clear when Buckskin Fire arrived on the scene. He said they and the other fire fighters didn’t have to worry about anyone still being inside the building.

“That helped us a lot,” Maloney said. “We could go right to fire suppression.”

Maloney presented Gomez with a certificate of appreciation for his actions.

Two other fire departments responded to the fire at the Eagles July 16:  the Parker Fire Department and the Colorado River Indian Tribes Fire Department.

The Officer of the Year Award from Rep. Gosar’s office was presented to Gomez by one of Gosar’s staff, Penny Pew. She said Gosar’s office wanted to honor law enforcement officers in his district, especially those in small towns. She said she reached out to Parker Police Chief Clay Romo, and he recommended Gomez.

Among his other accomplishments, Pew noted his record on arrests for impaired driving.

Romo said Gomez has been with the Parker Police since January 2018. He was born and raised in Parker, and he graduated from Parker High. Romo said Gomez wanted to give back to the community.

Romo said Gomez has already progressed further as a police officer than his relatively brief time with the department would indicate.

“He’s an all-around great officer,” Romo said. “He’s only going to get better in time.”


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