Amelia Flores

Amelia Flores

Amelia Flores was elected the Chairwoman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Dec. 5, the first time a woman had been elected to lead CRIT. However, some question arose as to whether she could keep her seat on the School Board of the Parker Unified School District.

Flores indicated she wanted to stay on the school board, and Superintendent Brad Sale said he would look into the matter with the district’s attorneys.

Sale told the Pioneer Dec. 11 that he had consulted with the attorneys, and they concluded there was nothing legal keeping Flores from staying on the school board.

“Anyone can serve on the school board,” he said. “If she’s now the head of a sovereign nation, she can still be on the board. The only people who can’t serve are school employees.”

Sale said the board often has business or deals with other matters involving the Tribes, and Flores would need to be careful of potential conflicts of interest.

Sale and School Board President Randy Hartless both said they were thrilled Flores was going to stay on.

“We’re always thrilled to get board members who want to serve our kids,” Sale said.

“Amelia’s been a very effective board member,” Hartless said. “I’m pleased she’s staying on the board.”

Flores has been involved in education for many years. She served 29 years as the CRIT Library-Archives from 1984 until she was elected to the Tribal Council. She has been on the Parker School Board since 2011.

In a statement sent to the Pioneer, Flores said, “Yes, I intend to finish up my term on the board.  My life's reflection is of how incremental accomplishments add up to personal, educational and political achievements.  My experience working in the museum and library gave me new insights and helped anchor me to our history.  My eight years serving as a councilwoman, my experiences as a volunteer for the School Board and local and state First Things First programs have given me new perspectives and helped anchor me to our future.  I will rely on this knowledge and experience to guide my steps as CRIT's Chairwoman. 


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