Students at Blake Primary School will find it easier to keep themselves hydrated thanks to a donation from the Parker Parent-Teacher Association. Two pallets of bottled water, containing 156 cases, were delivered Friday, Sept. 25 to the school.

The water was picked up at Food City and delivered to the school by Parker Police officers and La Paz County Sheriff’s deputies.

The donation was the idea of PTA Vice President Stephanie Dunlap. The drinking fountains at schools in the Parker Unified School District are temporarily closed due to concerns over the coronavirus. She said students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, and there are bottle-filling stations on campus. She added she knows how it can be with such items and small children.

“Bottles get lost, or they get broken,” she said.

Dunlap said she got approval from PTA President Jen Hildebrand and began to arrange for the purchase of water to donate to the school. She said she received cash donations from Dirty Deeds, Roadrunner Resort, Riverland Resort, and the Parker Motor Co.

The water was purchased from Food City.

“They got us a really great deal,” Dunlap said.

Blake Primary Principal Joanna Gerbitz-Hermes said she and the staff were grateful for the donation.

“We haven’t gotten any breaks from the heat yet, and this is one way we can make sure the students stay hydrated,” she said.

When asked why the police officers and deputies helped deliver the water, Parker Police Chief Mike Bailey responded, “We were asked to do it.”

More seriously, Bailey said this was something the officers wanted to do because it was something they could do for the children.

“We want to help the kids,” he said.

Dunlap said she thanked the businesses who donated funds, the officers who delivered the water, and Food City for making the water available.

The Parker PTA advocates for students, parents and teachers at Blake Primary School and Wallace Elementary School. They conduct fundraisers and other activities during the school year. They are also looking for members. You can look them up on their Facebook page.


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