Bouse library donation

John Nault (left) presented the Bouse Public Library and Friends of the Bouse Public Library with checks for $500 Feb. 22. They were from the proceeds from a motorcycle fun run held Jan. 18. Accepting for the library was Sharon Hillhouse (center), while Joyce Taylor accepted for the Friends.

The Bouse Public Library and the Friends of the Bouse Public Library received donations from a motorcycle fun run held Jan. 18. On Feb. 22, the run organizer, John Nault, presented them each with a check for $500.

Joyce Taylor accepted on behalf of the Friends of the Library, while Head Librarian Sharon Hillhouse accepted on behalf of the Library.

Nault said the motorcycle run was created in order to provide something extra to the Library and the Friends in recognition of what they do for the community.

Hillhouse said she planned to use the funds for the summer reading program, which will be held Mondays at the Centennial Public Library between Salome and Wenden and on Tuesdays at the Bouse Public Library.

“We strive to give the children an experience that might kick their brain into knowing the sky is the limit if they try,” Hillhouse said. “I live with the mission of if I can make one person, one child’s life better today, then I have done the job I was put here for.”

The program for both libraries will fill up the morning and early afternoon on the days it’s held. The participants will work receive breakfast and lunch, will learn about Arizona, and will work on science projects and crafts. They will be building models of the Grand Canyon, as well as Native American homes. There will also be guest speakers and games.

To find out more about this program, call the Bouse Public Library at 928-851-1023. The library is located on Plomosa Road in Bouse. The hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.


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