The water shut-off for Anderson's Mobile Home Park in Parker has been averted. In a notice sent out early April 29, Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer said Community Development Director Nora Yackley had been in contact with the new owners and, as a result, the water will not be shut off.

The Town of Parker had planned to turn off at noon, Thursday, April 29.

According to a notice posted by the Town, the former owner, Lorie Burke, has sold the property and disconnected the water as of Monday, April 26.

The notice stated the Town’s Water Department has not heard from the new owners, and, as such, they would be turning off the water as of April 29.

With the new owners having now been in contact with Town, the water will not be shut off.

An undated listing on said the asking price for the property was $495,000. The listing said the property consisted of six lots, and only 10 of 26 spaces were leased. The listing said the property needs electrical and plumbing work.

The La Paz County Assessor's Office did not have the new owners listed yet in their online records as of Wednesday afternoon, April 28. The latest they had was the property was owned Lorie Burke and Carlos & Cheryl Cortez Trustees.

The County Recorder's Office said the new owner is Marion S. Hall of Buckeye, Ariz. The sale took place in February 2021 and was recorded on April 20.

This is a developing story. The Pioneer will have more information as it becomes available.


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