Brownie is looking for a forever home for Christmas.

We all get busy with our own holiday preparations throughout December.  It’s easy to forget our own animals still need attention, let alone the animals housed at the Town of Parker/La Paz County Animal Shelter.  Let’s try to do something out of the ordinary to make this a special Christmas for animals.  Let’s help them get into their new home.

There are always the ongoing needs for food and blankets, and donations of these items are much-appreciated.  Of course, we always have an ongoing need for people who are willing to give of themselves and share time and talents with our shelter.  Volunteering is a very unique way to give, and the animals desperately need dog walkers, cat volunteers, and special people who share in meeting animals’ needs.   We can always use foster parents or take a few hours a week and volunteer at our thrift store.  So, in this season of love and sharing, won’t you consider helping your local animal shelter?

Even if you cannot support the shelter in a big way, please consider including us in your gift-giving plans this holiday season.  There are so many ways in which we can share.  A unique gift idea is that of giving in honor of a loved one (living or in memory of).  You can sponsor an animal’s adoption fee this is especially great for the person who already has everything and doesn’t want another gift.  Another option is donating to the Animal Relief Fund Inc. new building campaign.  We have plans to add additional kennels, quarantine area and surgical center.  The best way you can support us is to adopt your next best friend from our shelter.

The Town or Parker/La Paz County Animal shelter is located at 309 7th Street, Parker, behind Western Park.  Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday 10 to 12-noon.  Call 669-8774 for details. To find lost pets, View animals found at PAWS of Parker on Facebook.


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