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Members of the Miss La Paz County Organization who attended the Miss Arizona Pageant in Mesa included (from left) Leah Castro, Aryn Romo, Courtney Kom, and Fenix Ockershausen. Kom is the new director of the organization. She replaces Romo, who took a position with the state organization.

There are some changes being made to the Miss La Paz County Scholarship Pageant Organization. They have a new director in Courtney Kom. There will also no longer be a “Health and Fitness in Swimsuit” completion at the local pageants, starting in 2020.

Kom is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Parker Area Alliance for Community Empowerment, which is involved in anti-drug abuse programs and operates the Players Ninth Street Youth Center.

Aryn Romo is stepping down as the Miss La Paz County Executive Director to accept a position as a Field Director with the Miss Arizona State Organization. She had been the La Paz County Director for nine years. She is a past recipient of the “Director of the Year Award” from the state organization.


“I love the organization as well as the opportunities and scholarships it provides young ladies,” Romo said. “I am excited for my new role as I get to still stay involved. I am ready for a change.” 

Other committee members that who be assisting Kom include Leah Castro, co-director; Raquel Reyna, princess coordinator and production assistant; Fenix Ockershausen, production assistant; and Lora Cramer, treasurer.

The national Miss America Organization officially dropped the swimsuit competition in September 2018. This change has been adopted by the Miss Arizona competition and the Miss La Paz County competition.   

Starting with the 2020 Miss La Paz County/Miss Parker Competition, candidates will compete in private interview, talent, evening gown, and on-stage question. Replacing the swimsuit competition is the social impact statement each candidate will give during the evening gown competition. “Social Impact” is the new term for the candidate’s platform.

From missamerica.org: “Miss America has evolved in society as women in society have evolved. Miss America candidates will no longer be judged on outward appearance. The choice of wardrobe is now open so everyone can express their very own individual style. But more importantly, their voices will be heard. Throughout the competition, candidates will have opportunities to advocate for their social initiatives and to demonstrate how they are uniquely qualified for the exciting, challenging job as a titleholder. This new format is known as Miss America 2.0, an organization that stands for empowering young women across the country to be the best they can be through leadership, talent, communication skills and smarts.”  


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