This is the weekly update on the numbers for the coronavirus pandemic. Please note these numbers include only those who have been tested for the virus and have been diagnosed as having it.

Worldwide, there have been 4.8 million cases, of which 2.65 million are active. Of the closed cases (ones that have reached some conclusion), there have been 318,000 deaths, but 1.88 million have recovered. This gives a survival rate of 86 percent. Of the active cases, approximately 2.6 million are considered mild, while 45,000 are considered serious.

The United States has seen more coronavirus cases than any other nation on Earth. The 1.535 million cases here represent almost one-third of the cases in the world. The United States had more cases than the next six nations (Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy and France) combined.

Of the cases in the United States, 1.092 million are active. Of the 442,000 that are closed, there have been 91,000 deaths and 351,000 have recovered for a recovery rate of 79 percent. Of the active cases, 16,000 are considered serious or critical.

New York continues to have the most number of cases of any of the states with 360,000, of which 270,000 are still active. Of the closed cases, there have been 28,000 deaths and 62,000 have recovered. This is a recovery rate of just under 70 percent.

In Arizona, there have been 13,937 cases as of May 17 with 680 deaths. The majority of these cases have been in Maricopa County (7,240).

Here are the total numbers for each Arizona County:

Maricopa, 7,240

Pima, 1,814

Navajo, 1,273

Apache, 981

Coconino, 866

Pinal, 693

Yuma, 355

Yavapai, 262

Mohave, 250

Santa Cruz, 75

Cochise, 46

La Paz, 38

Gila, 22

Graham, 20

Greenlee, 2

The Navajo Nation has been particularly hit hard by the virus. They have a higher rate of infection than any of the 50 states. As of May 17, they have had 4,002 cases of the virus and 140 deaths. They have also had 18,380 members test negative for the virus.

In La Paz County, the number of confirmed cases has been holding steady at 38. Of these, 14 are members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and the majority of the other cases came from a workplace in the McMullen Valley on the east side of the Quartzsite Fire District.

Of the 38 cases, 20 are now closed. There have been two deaths and 18 have recovered, for a recovery rate of 90 percent.


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