Sundance Saloon

The Sundance Saloon, a long-time landmark and destination spot on the Parker Strip, is up for sale. The asking price is $4.5 million.

A popular Parker-area landmark is up for sale. The Sundance Saloon, which was a major destination point in its heyday, is on the market for $4.5 million. It’s listed with Mohave Realty of Lake Havasu City.

In the listing on the website, the building was described as having been built in 1981. It’s located at 5920 Riverside Drive, a short distance from the location where Riverside Drive has been closed due to rock slides (the entrance to Sundance is open). The facility includes docks, restaurants, bars and a live stage. The listing said it’s a venue that can hold up to 600 people, and it has almost 300 feet of Colorado River frontage. It’s zoned for General Commercial.

This will be the second time in seven years the Sundance has been sold. In October 2014, Jim Shubin, the long-time owner, sold the property to Long Beach native Norm Turley.

The Sundance Saloon was a popular destination on the Parker Strip from the 1970s through 2000s. Shubin told the Pioneer he owned it from 1972 to 1998. At its height, the Sundance employed 40 to 60 people and was one of the largest employers in the Parker area.

Shubin said the Sundance did a lot of advertising for other businesses on the Parker Strip, and they brought a lot of visitors and business into the area. In addition to jobs at the saloon, the Sundance helped create other jobs on the Strip.

During its heyday in the 1980s and ‘90s, the Sundance became known as a “wild and crazy place,” and was popular with partygoers.

Shubin sold the Sundance, and he said the new owners played music that drove their customers away. The Sundance was closed some years ago after the owners announced plans to build condominiums on the property. This project never got under way.

In 2014, Shubin regained control of the Sundance in a foreclosure proceeding. He then put a lot of effort into restoring the property. A portion of this involved removing trash that had been dumped into the river. He has also paid back taxes owed by the previous owners.

The Sundance was reopened in time for Memorial Day, 2014.

In restoring the saloon, Shubin said one of the plans was to decorate the inside with photos from the old days at the Sundance.


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