Local law enforcement agencies responded Feb. 4 to a shooting incident at the Terrible Herbst convenience store, gas station and car wash located at 921 California Avenue. The individuals involved were all members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

A statement from the Parker Police Department said Parker Police officers and La Paz County Deputies arrived at approximately 7:20 p.m. at Terrible Herbst’s in response to call about a shooting. When they arrived, they found a male victim who had been shot in the leg. They applied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding until medical help could arrive.

While waiting for emergency medical personnel, it was learned the victim was a Tribal member. The Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department was notified. It was later learned the two suspects in the case had been identified and the vehicle they fled the scene in was located in the Parker Valley.

The CRIT Police Department is handling the investigation. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is urged to call them at 928-669-1836


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sam whittemore

no !not CRIT members! well, at least they get turned over to the tribal PD and face no consequences whatsoever! that was close!

DYRTY inkom himself

Iam the no victim and get it right I didn't press any charges that's why he got a way


Only Tribal Council people and there relatives get charges dropped. The political prisoners get the full extent of the law. The CRIT Police Department are scared to arrest one tribe of the 4 tribes. They always turn the crime into a civil matter. When Tribal Council people get arrested for DUI, They get there charges dropped because the Judge and the CRIT PD are afraid of losing there jobs.

sam whittemore

cryin dang shame. the peeps at the bottom of this country are political prisoners of one sort or another. too bad all us serfs don't unite and toss the ruling class out on their hineys

DYRTY inkom himself

Yes I agree with you I was the gun shot victim of sorts I didn't want to press any charges but say things doesn't mean it happen to that information provided

DYRTY inkom himself

I was the one who was shot only person that might be able to say about things that are going on are myself and the other person involved in the incident and everyone else go f**K OFF AND ALL THE TRIBES GET AWAY WITH IT S##t NEEDS TO GET BACK TO WHAT IT MEANS AND HE'LL WITJ WHITE POWER MOVMENTS

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