Coronaviruses under an electron microscope

Here are the coronavirus numbers as of Tuesday morning, May 12.

A new case in La Paz County was reported Tuesday morning. This individual is a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. In La Paz County, we have had 27 cases, seven of which are still active. Of the 20 closed cases, there have been two deaths and 18 have recovered, a survival rate of 90 percent.

Many of the La Paz County cases came from a workplace in the McMullen Valley, in the eastern reaches of the Quartzsite Fire District. There have also been three cases involving members of CRIT.

Worldwide, there have been almost 4.3 million cases with 291,000 deaths. Of the almost 1.86 million cases that have been closed, about 1.57 million have recovered. That’s a survival rate of 84 percent. This only includes the people we know who have actually been tested for the virus.

There are currently approximately 2.45 million active cases worldwide. Of those, 2.4 million are considered mild, while 46,000 are considered “serious” or “critical.”

The United States has seen the most cases of any nation in the world, with almost 1.4 million cases. That’s more than the next six nations (Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, France and Germany) combined. Of the almost 360,000 closed cases in the U.S., there have been 83,000 deaths and 275,000 have recovered. The recovery rate in closed cases is 76.3 percent.

New York has seen the most number of cases of any of the states, with 348,000. Of these, 262,000 are still active. Of the 86,000 closed cases, there have been 27,000 deaths and 59,000 have recovered.

In Arizona, there have been 11,741 cases and 562 deaths. More than half the cases (6,219) have been in Maricopa County. Pima County is next with 1,623, followed by Navajo County with 1,017 and Apache County with 744. Coconino County has 720, and Pinal County has 636.


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