Quickle and Newman

La Paz County Superior Court Judge Jessica Quickle (left) was reprimanded by the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct following allegations of her reacting with anger towards court employees. She is the first woman to preside over the Superior Court in La Paz County. She is seen in 2019 with her predecessor, Matthew Newman.

La Paz County Superior Court Judge Jessica Quickle has been reprimanded by the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. In an order handed down June 11 and signed by Commission Chair Louis Frank Dominguez, Quickle was ordered to complete trainings from the National Judicial College on leadership and mindfulness for judges.

The order came about because of a complaint filed Oct. 16, 2020. Two specific incidents were referenced in the order. In the first, which occurred Sept. 11, 2020, Quickle was presiding over a hearing via Zoom when she was disconnected. When she was reconnected, the order said she stated in a “sharp tone” how unhappy she was and she did not understand why she was thrown off Zoom. The court clerk for the hearing, who was identified as “S.H.,” was upset by Quickle’s comments.

“Her (Quickle’s) comments were heard by the attorneys and litigants, and the clerk felt embarrassed and belittled by the comments,” the order said.

In the second incident, which occurred Oct. 16, 2020, Quickle allegedly was angered that parties and attorneys for a scheduled matter had been allowed into the courtroom before a designated time. The order stated she yelled at the clerk, S.H., until she learned another court employee had allowed the parties to enter the courtroom.

According to the commission’s order, Quickle went to discuss the matter with then-Clerk of the Superior Court Megan Spielman. She allegedly slammed her door and other court employees could hear her yelling at Spielman.

Spielman is now the La Paz County Administrator.

The commission investigated the matter and confirmed these two incidents. The investigation also found a pattern of Quickle “yelling or using an angry, rapid-fire tone with individuals during the time she has been on the bench.”

The commission’s order noted court employees they spoke with all reported a recent improvement in Quickle’s behavior. Quickle stated she had “re-evaluated” her interactions with staff and others with the goal of avoiding any misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

The commission found Quickle’s conduct violated Rule 2.8(B) of the Code of Judicial Conduct. The rule states, in part, “A judge shall be patient, dignified, and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, court staff, court officials, and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity.”

Quickle has been ordered to complete two courses offered by the National Judicial College, Leadership for Judges and Mindfulness for Judges. She must complete these courses within one year and send proof of completion to the commission.

Quickle was elected to the bench in November 2018, defeating her opponent, Karen Hobbs, by a margin of just 24 votes. She replaced Matthew Newman, and is the first woman to preside over the La Paz County Superior Court. She was sworn in Jan. 7, 2019, and was invested Jan. 26, 2019.

Prior to being elected Judge, Quickle had extensive legal experience in the area, including serving as a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor.   


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sam whittemore

whaaaaaaaaaat? more miscreancy involving personnel issues and local govt officials? not in my la paz county! thank goodness she got training! you would think if she just treated others like i am sure she requires they treat her, none of this wouldda happened. a judge no less! thank goodness she didn't put hands on anyone! guess they don't teach manners in law school anymore.

sam whittemore

interesting that this article is buried. misconduct by any official should be the first thing to pop up. its almost like the media is part of the gubbermint.


wake up people! superior court clerk megan spielman also superior court adminastor and county adminastor! really, lapaz county bos, have allowed 🤔🙄 this to happen. megan speilman is not looking out for the citizens of lapaz county. megan spielman has allowed attorneys to file fraudlent documents, in fact put the court seal on blank piece of paper, this allows attorneys to put what they want on it. next attorneys have clerk time stamp it into court case as if it a lawful document. the old saying," when you play with fire you get burnt" guess what the stupid criminals forgot to put something on the blank piece of paper with the court seal and recorded it in county recorders office. oppps, oh did I forget to mention when a judgement/order is signed by a judge there is a hearing. not in superior court of lapaz county, megan spielman allowed documents to be stamped into court case as if the case was on court calendar to bad judge was hearing criminal cases at that time not civil. Oooops, wake up people, duce minor, deputy county attorney ryan dooley all have knowledge of this information still turn a blind eye. once again covering each other a--! sheriff ponce isn't about protecting the citizens of lapaz county, sheriff ponce is protecting the criminal acts of our elected officials! wake up people, how ridiculous that megan files a complaint against a judge for her raising her voice and a door slammed! wake up people!

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