Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan of the County Supervisors Association of Arizona described how counties fared in the recent legislative session at the La Paz County Supervisors’ May 21 meeting.

Arizona’s counties fared well during the recently concluded 2018 session of the Arizona State Legislature. That’s what Craig Sullivan, Executive Director of the County Supervisors Association of Arizona, told the La Paz County Supervisors at their meeting May 21.

Among other things, Sullivan said several bills deemed harmful to counties were amended or vetoed, and the counties will be receiving more Highway User Revenue Funds from the state’s fuel tax.

Sullivan said the association serves as an intergovernmental advocate for counties from a central office in Phoenix. They also serve as a collector of data and information for Arizona’s counties.

Sullivan said 1,206 bills were introduced in the last legislative session. Of these, 369 were passed, and 220 of them related to counties. Of the bills passed, 346 were signed by Gov. Doug Ducey. The remaining 23 were vetoed.

One of the vetoed bills was HB 2290, which was introduced by Rep. Regina Cobb and would’ve waived penalties for La Paz County having gone over its state-mandate spending limit for the last four years. It was vetoed by Ducey April 20, and was one of 10 bills he vetoed because he wanted the legislature to send him a budget with a 20 percent pay increase for teachers.

One of the bills signed was HB 2653, which was drawn up and introduced to replace HB 2290. Ducey signed it May 16.

Of the bills supported by the supervisors’ association, Sullivan said five passed. A total of 30 bills that the association had opposed were either vetoed or amended to rectify the association’s objections.

Sullivan said the association was able to get $96,000 in more Highway User Revenue Funds for the counties in the coming fiscal year, and an additional $143,000 in the 2019-20 fiscal year. The funds come from the state’s fuel tax and are used for transportation projects.

Sullivan praised La Paz County’s representatives in Phoenix, like Cobb, for their advocacy for counties.

District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor said he was impressed with the association and their staff.

To find out more about the County Supervisors Association, go to their website,


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