Holly Irwin

Holly Irwin

District 3 Supervisor:  Holly Irwin, Republican (Incumbent)

My name is Holly Irwin and I have had the honor of serving the last 11 ½ years as your La Paz County Supervisor representing not only District 3, but La Paz County as a whole.  I have been married to my husband of 31 years and a proud mother of 2 daughters and a resident for over 26 years.

During my time in office, I have built priceless relationships with my constituents, along with Congressional, State, and local Elected Officials. I have learned over the past 3 terms; some projects and issues cannot be completed within a single term. It is important to keep consistency while serving the taxpayers of La Paz County to achieve success. I could not have accomplished this without all of you. For this, I am eternally grateful! I will continue to work with the same passion and dedication as your Supervisor.

  • Land Conveyance- Just under 6,000 acres of Federal Land patented to the County for Solar Development creating a revenue stream for years to come
  • Water- Fighting to protect our Groundwater & Surface Water from transfers to Queen Creek for a profit
  • Responsible Economic Development-I will continue to support economic growth Countywide, keeping the taxpayers wants and needs a priority when making decisions on our future
  • Arizona Peace Trail- working with over 15 Off-Highway Vehicle groups to assist in the development of this project which has generated revenues to the 3 Counties it encompasses

I currently serve on the following Boards:

  • West Basin Groundwater Study Committee
  • Non-AMA Groundwater Committee
  • Homeland Security West Region Advisory Council
  • Arizona State Parks Off Highway Vehicle Advisory Group
  • Arizona Peace Trail Committee

Together let us work for continued progress and success as I respectfully ask for your continued support and vote in the Primary Election on Aug. 4, 2020!



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