Erica Daniels

Erica Daniels

The Parker Town Council has decided to fill the vacant seat on the Council with one of the newcomers who was elected to the Council in the Aug. 2 primary election. At their Sept. 20 meeting, the Council named Erica Daniels to the seat made vacant when Frank Savino resigned July 19.

Daniels will be sworn in at the Oct. 4 Council meeting. Savino’s term runs through Jan. 4, 2023. Daniels will begin serving her own term on that day.

Savino’s seat was one of three that was up for election this year. He opted not to seek reelection. When he announced his resignation on July 19, he told the Council he no longer lived within the Parker Town Limits. He had moved out of town to care for an ailing family member.

Mayor Karen Bonds, who also chose not to seek reelection in 2022, thanked Savino for 44 years of service to the Town of Parker, most notably in the Public Works Department and then as a Council Member.

Daniels was one of four candidates for three seats on the Council at the Aug. 2 election. The only incumbent to seek reelection, Marion Shontz, received 289 votes. Daniels had 264 votes and Dusty Wooddell had 241 votes. All three were elected to the Council. The fourth candidates, Josh Philipps, received 233 votes.

Council Member David Lucas made the motion to appoint Daniels at the Sept. 20 meeting. Bonds remarked that they had used the top voter getter from the most recent election to fulfill vacant council seats before. Bonds remarked the Daniels would get a ‘head start’ at being on the Council.

Daniels is the outreach coordinator for Colorado River Regional Crisis Services.


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