While the number of coronavirus cases in Arizona has been dramatically increasing in recent weeks, there is some good news internationally. There are currently more people in the world who have recovered from the coronavirus than there are active cases.

As of June 21, there had been just over 9 million cases in the world, with 470,000 deaths. However, more than 4.8 million have recovered. For the cases that have reached an outcome and have been closed, the recovery rate has been 91 percent. The 4.8 million who have recovered outnumber the 3.73 million active cases.

Of the active cases, just 54,000, or less than 1.5 percent, are considered serious or critical.

The United States has seen more than one-quarter of the coronavirus cases in the world, with almost 2.36 million cases. Of the cases that have reached an outcome, there have been 123,000 deaths and 980,000 recovered, for a recovery rate of about 89 percent. The 1.1 million closed cases are coming close to the active cases, which number 1.26 million.

As for the individual states, New York has had 412,000 cases and 31,200 deaths. A total of 293,000 cases are still active. A total of 3.4 million New Yorkers have been tested.

The number of cases in Arizona has climbed dramatically in recent days. As a result, Gov. Doug Ducey issued a new executive order June 17 regarding social distancing and face masks. Several jurisdictions in Arizona, including the Colorado River Indian Tribes, have made the wearing of face masks in public places mandatory.

As of June 21, there have been more than 52,000 cases around the state, with 1,339 deaths. Almost 567,000 tests have been completed in public and private labs, and 8.2 percent have come in positive.

La Paz County has seen 268 cases and four deaths. Due to difficulties in collecting data, neither the county nor the state keep track of the number of people who have recovered.


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