Landen Edwards

Landen Edwards

A Parker High graduate has returned to the United States after having what he called the experience of a lifetime. Landen Edwards worked in Peru for two years as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Edwards is a 2016 graduate of Parker High School, where he was a top wrestler. He is the son of Kelly and the late Tim Edwards. He served in Chiclayo, Peru from August 2017 to July 2019. He returned to the United States at the end of July.

It was soon after he graduated from high school that Edwards became interested in going on a mission. He said he sent in an application and was interviewed by Church leaders. He learned in May 2017 that he was being sent to Peru.

Edwards said young men in the Church are not required to go on a mission, but it is recommended that they do. He added that Church leaders decide the locations they are sent to.

As a missionary, Edwards said he was placed in charge of an area and worked to improve the lives of people through Christian values.

Edwards said there weren’t any moments in his mission that really stood out for him. He said the entire experience was memorable.

“It was the entire process,” he said. “Watching people being able to change their lives. That was important to me.”

Being on a mission gave him a new perspective on things, Edwards said. He added it made him a better and stronger person.

“It’s given me a greater vision,” he said. “It’s helped me to become more goal-oriented, and it’s helped me to execute my plans.”

Edwards said he plans on speaking about his experiences at the LDS Church in Parker in the near future, but an exact date has not been set.

Now that he’s back in the United States, Edwards said he plans to work and go to school. He said he hasn’t decided on which college or school he wants to attend.

“I’ll apply at many schools and see which one offers me the best options,” he said.

Edwards said there were a lot of people he wanted to thank, starting with God and his family.

Asked if he’d do it again, Edwards replied, “In a heartbeat.”

“It was something I would do again,” he said. “It was something I will never forget.”


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