The “surge” in new coronavirus cases has hit La Paz County. The County Health Department is announcing a total of 42 new coronavirus cases from the Labor Day weekend. In a press release, the department said there were 39 cases between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and three more on Monday. The county has seen 2,797 cases as of Sept. 11. There were 2,675 as of Aug. 28, which means there have been 122 new cases in the last two weeks.

There have been 85 coronavirus-related deaths in La Paz County, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Of the cases in La Paz County, 908 were members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes who were tested at Indian Health Services. This is according to a statement on the Manataba Messenger Facebook page dated Sept. 1. There have been 18 coronavirus-related deaths among Tribal members.

These numbers are not as high as they were during the surge that began in late December 2020 and ran through early February 2021. However, they are higher than they had been earlier this summer.

On Aug. 9, the CRIT Tribal Council reinstated the face mask mandate for indoor areas on Tribal lands, including businesses such as Walmart and Safeway. Face masks are also required in the Tribal Office complex at Mohave Road and Second Avenue.

While the State of Arizona has banned such mandates as part of the state’s budget for the current fiscal year, the Tribes are considered sovereign and are under no obligation to follow state mandates.

There has been concern among health officials about the increasing number of new cases. This is particularly so as the Delta variant is in Arizona. This variant is far more contagious than earlier variants of the virus.

Arizona topped 1 million cases the week ending Aug. 28.  By Sept. 11, that number had reached 1.04 million. This means there have been 40,000 new cases in the state in two weeks. The total number of coronavirus-related deaths had reached almost 19,200.

The Worldometers website, which tracks cases worldwide, reported there are 83,389 active cases in Arizona as of Sept. 11, while 943,263 Arizonans have recovered. The recovery rate for those cases that have reached a conclusion and have been closed is 97 percent.

ADHS reported the number of doses of coronavirus vaccine administered in the state has topped 7.46 million. They said 56.7 percent of the state has been vaccinated. In La Paz County, 18,073 doses had been administered and 45.1 percent of the county had been vaccinated.

Nationwide, Worldometers was reporting 41.8 million cases as of Sept. 11. Almost one-in-every-eight Americans has or has had the virus. There have been 677,737 deaths, but more than 31.8 million Americans have recovered. The survival rate is 98 percent.

California leads the nation with 4.5 million cases and 67,000 deaths. Texas has 3.8 million cases and has topped 60,000 deaths. Florida has 3.46 million cases and 49,000 deaths. New York has seen 2.4 million cases and 55,200 deaths.

Worldometers reported that the number of people who have recovered worldwide topped 201 million last week. As of Sept. 11, Worldometers said the number of cases worldwide reached 225 million. There have been 4.6 million deaths. The worldwide survival rate is approximately 98 percent.

After the United States, India has the most number of cases in the world at 33.2 million. Brazil is next at 21 million. These are the only nations in the world to report more than 10 million cases.


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sam whittemore

ahhhhhhh! more covidiot fear p-o-r-n for the sheeps. this bs has worked far better than our betters figgered it would. a disease so deadly that you have to be tested to see if you have it! a vaxx so great you have to be forced to take it! hahahahahahahaah! murikans can't get any dumber. oh wait, watch. they can and will.


We have winter-visitors and there's the summer-visitors from the west coast bringing in the virus.

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