First responders

First responders from various agencies are seen with the young people they met with at the Parker Public Library on Sept. 1. First Responder Day was part of an after-school program at the library.

Young people got a chance to hear from and ask questions of local heroes Sept. 1 at the Parker Public Library. It was First Responders Day, and representatives from several law enforcement and public safety agencies stopped by the Children’s Room to meet with the young people gathered there.

The event was held as one of the library’s after-school programs.

Among the agencies that sent representatives were the Parker Fire Department, American Medical Response-River Medical, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the U.S. Border Patrol, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office and the Parker Police Department.

Each of the representatives explained what his or her agency did. They also took questions from the children.

One of the things the first responders had in common was how much training they needed to have. The emphasized that training is ongoing, and there’s a lot they need to know to do their jobs. The training helps them to do their jobs better, and keep with the latest technology, procedures and methods.

They also talked about the things they do in their jobs. The ambulance people spoke of how they start medical treatment even before someone gets to a hospital. The Border Patrol people spoke of how they may be in an office one day, riding a utility terrain vehicle in the desert the next day, or riding a horse the day after that.

The firefighters spoke of how they have to know what kind of fire they are dealing with. As an example, they said you would not try to put out an electrical fire the same way you would try to put out a house fire.

Something the first responders said they all do is work together when it comes to saving lives. They work very closely with each other when the need is there.

Following the presentation in the Children’s Room, the young people got to go outside with the first responders and check out their vehicles and equipment. Some even got to try out the public address system on one of the Parker Fire Department’s pumpers.

Library Director Tracy McConnell thanked the first responders for their presentations. She said she hoped the children had a better understanding of what they do, and they are here to help people.


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sam whittemore

why are they kitted up like they are walking around Kyber Pass? oh wait. america surrendered freedom 9 11 01. our betters need all that c-ra-p to keep us compliant.

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