Parker Town Hall

Four seats on the Parker Town Council are up for election. The primary election is Aug. 4.

Omero Blake

I’m Omero Blake, candidate for council member for the Town of Parker. I believe that our town can and will do better.  Lake Havasu is growing, the economy is strong, and businesses are flourishing.  I believe Parker has much to offer and our plan will bring business back to Parker.


Throughout this campaign, the people of Parker have made it known that things need to be fixed: our roads, our downtown area needs to flourish again, and businesses need economic success. When businesses thrive the people of THIS town also prosper. We have a great community that brings tourists. Why not have them spend their money here? We have a lot to offer, but we can and must do better.  

As your next council member, it will be my proposal to create a place of refuge, a place of enjoyment, and a place of economic blossoming.  I will make sure that my vote will always be to use the money spent here on our kids, the community and the people who live here! We believe it important to focus on our youth as they will be our tomorrow and our legacy. I can assure you; as your candidate, I will be the one that makes sure YOU the people of this town are represented.

I’m Omero Blake and I’m asking for your vote this August. If you don’t know who to vote for, please educate yourself and elect the candidate that best represents your needs on the issues you feel are of utmost importance. If you have any questions my information is listed at . Please come to me with any ideas you believe would make this town a better place because as a councilmember, I represent you.

Rey De Leon, MBA

I am running to serve this community and contribute my efforts to work at improving our Town’s housing needs, economy, and helping our youth. Parker has been my family’s home for the past 15 years and I have a large family and many friends…all long time Parker residents (if elected, I have to do a good job or they will certainly let me know).

Availabilty of housing is one of the biggest issues I have seen facing the Town of Parker. I would like to work at identifying affordable residential development. Business opportunities that help improve our tax base would be ideal in improving services for residents. I would support joint projects with community partners in having an active recreation program for our youth.

I’d like to see our town follow or adopt a master development plan. I hear so much about our housing shortage and I do see opportunity in underutilized properties. Some of these properties can be renovated or expanded to provide affordable safe housing. Balance is needed with Zoning flexibility to promote responsible and adequate housing.

Our local businesses are crucial to our local economy through the services and employment they provide. I would also like to see added businesses that provide profitable development for the towns tax base. I would be available to sit with current entrepreneurs and discuss the challenges they are facing and how local government and federal organizations can help keep our local business strong and healthy.

Fiscal responsibility is important in managing limited financial resources. I have seen our Town Council does a good job of being fiscally responsible and I would like to keep working to maintaining a solid base. I plan to listen and ask the pertinent questions to assess whether the expenditures are truly needed and are beneficial for the community.

I look forward to your support and ask you vote for me to represent you for Town Council.

Randy Hartless (incumbent)


My name is Randy Hartless and I am asking for your vote for the Parker Town Council.


I lived in Parker from 1975-1979 and moved back in 1990 with my family. Our three children graduated from Parker High and I’m a graduate of AWC and NAU, where I earned a B.S. degree in Public Administration and a M.A. degree in English. My wife of 37 years, Vivian, is the La Paz County Public Fiduciary.


I was a reporter at the Parker Pioneer, served as director of the Parker Chamber of Commerce, and I am now the director of PAACE, a community non-profit prevention organization that operates the Players 9th Street Youth Center.


My greatest strength is my ability to work well with others and I have a clear understanding of how to run a meeting, my role and responsibility as a council member, and the parameters of Arizona’s Open Meeting Law. I don’t have a laundry list of “issues” or campaign promises to offer, because I understand that my job is to represent the people of Parker as their elected representative, not to grind axes or to advance a personal agenda. I also understand that I am only ONE of SEVEN council members, so it is essential to work cooperatively with the other council members to get things done. I strive to keep an open mind about issues, and I always advocate for transparency while conducting the business of the Town of Parker.


I have a wealth of experience in leadership roles, including:

  • Parker Unified School District Governing Board, 2001-2008 and 2012 to Present
  • Arizona Western College District Governing Board, 2008-2013
  • WAVE JTED Board, 2009-2011
  • Arizona School Boards Association, 2002-2006
  • Industrial Development Authority Board, 2006-Present
  • Parker Town Council, 2016-Present


Please cast your vote for Randy Hartless on August 4, 2020!

Jerry Hooper (incumbent)

If a person wants to make a difference in their community, they will step up. That is what I have done in my home town.

I grew up at Parker Dam and attended Parker High School. My family is invested in the community, and we have been in Parker all my life. The reason I am invested in the community is due to a desire to see Parker flourish and be a great community for families with children and small businesses.

While serving on the Parker Town Council, I have served in the capacity of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council Member.

I played all sports at Parker High School, and together, with my wife Buni, we have four children who graduated from Parker High, and “GrandBroncs” also. We’ve been married for 56 years, and I’ve learned to negotiate.

I went to work at Parker Pest Control. I moved up, and passed the Entomology Tests in Arizona, California and Nevada. I bought the business and have had wonderful employees. We are licensed in three states.

Since taking the oath of office, I have always attended the League of Towns and Cities for council training for elected officials. The Town has invested in me; I have learned a lot about this town.

I take serving on the Council very seriously and I honor all the open meeting laws and rules. I work closely with the Council Members, having good healthy conversations backed up by logic and facts to make a decision.

I admire the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and have many close Tribal friends I have grown up with. I would enjoy meeting with Tribal leaders for discussions.

I admire and support all of the Town’s employees and appreciate them.

Currently, I am serving as Liaison to the Parks & Recreation Committee. I am also the Chairman of the Joint Venture board. I have enjoyed serving as a Parker Rotarian and supporting Parker businesses. I am currently President of the Parker Rotary Club for the third time. I am hoping we are able to have the women business owners increase membership.

I am absolutely for the Parker Police Department and I know their worth. Thank you to the officers for serving.

I was honored to be a pilot and worked hard at transporting La Paz County prisoners for the Sheriff’s Office.

I would love to see a swimming pool for the families, and I am a Dive Master, Water Safety Instructor and American Red Cross lifeguard.

We have grown up, branched out, built and donated to help others. Parker has been good to us. Please cast your vote for Jerry Hooper to allow me to continue to work for Parker.

David Lucas (incumbent)

I’m David Lucas. I am married to Hollie Lucas, and we are raising our two children: Emma who is 10 and Logan who is 4 and, as busy as they keep me, I am again running in hopes to be re-elected for a seat on the Parker Town Council.

I am currently serving on the Council by appointment. I fell short by 22 votes in the November 2018 election, but was then appointed in December of 2018 to fill the seat that was left open by the resignation of former Councilmember Hal Collet.

I am currently employed as the Director of Technology for La Paz Regional Hospital.

My current employment position allows me the time to serve on the Parker Town council.

If re-elected, continuing to serve the citizens of Parker will be an honor.

Since being appointed I have adapted to quite a learning curve as to how municipal government works and I am very much enjoying this endeavor.

I am currently the Council Liaison to the PAACE Board, which promotes many beneficial Youth activities in our community.

I am also the Liaison to the Parks and Recreation Committee and I can’t express what an awesome committee this is to be a part of. This committee has high energy and fresh ideas, with such activities like Trunk or Treat, The Winter Outdoor Ice Skating Rink, the Community Easter Egg Hunt which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19 but we will see it happen next year. It’s going to be a blast for the Youth in our community.

As important as it is to maintain our “small town charm” it is equally important to “keep a clear path for future possibilities” such as continued increase of community and economic development, continue to support our small business and recruit new business, continue development of Parker South, and, yes it is developing we have an active waste management business up and running and they are preparing for phase two of their operation.

We also need continued maintenance and improvements of parks and playgrounds, pursue the possibility of a pool, and we need to continue the learn to swim program. We live on the river, this is important to protect our youth. We also need to keep moving forward on our streets and sidewalk maintenance.

I want you all to know that I am approachable. So please contact me with any questions or concerns that you have regarding the Town and if I don’t know the answer I will get the answer for you.

I ask for your support at the polls on August 4, please get out and vote and encourage others to do the same.

Again, I am David Lucas and I am asking for your support for re-election to the Parker Town council. Thank you.

Allen May

My name is Allen May. I am a fifth generation Parker local, and I was raised right here in Parker, Arizona. My Family has been in Parker since the early 1900s, starting with my great-great-grandfather and every generation since. I am a single father, raising a 16-year-old

daughter. (Making her 6th generation).

My daughter Cally is a Junior at Parker High School and I am very proud of her accomplishments of holding straight A’s her entire school career.

I am the owner-operator of the 12th Street Barber Shop, and I am close to my fifth year of business and I absolutely love what I do. The relationships I’ve made in my shop are strong bonds with people I have known in the community my entire life, and many have just recently started, but I feel I’ve got my thumb on the pulse of Parker.

I have just turned 50 years old, my business and lifestyle allow me the time I will need to focus as I serve on town council, I am definitely outspoken, and never follow the crowd, I’m an independent thinker and very well versed in Parker’s internal fabric. I am not just a man of the people, I am the people.

I am not a politician and I have no agenda. I am very eager to serve the people of Parker and hope I can find support and trust in me to make wise, sound decisions for what’s best for our town. This is my home and I love every inch of it, and I will absolutely give 100 percent if elected.

Thank you.

Lorrie Ann Muriel

My name is Lorrie Ann Muriel and I am running for Parker Town Council. The main reason I decided to run is based on a motto that really resonates with me, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”  That is not to say that I think that the incumbents aren’t doing a terrific job- quite the contrary. I just felt that since one Council member is not seeking reelection, the best next step for me, in my mission of living this motto, would be to run for office, in the town that I love so much.

A little about me… I have lived in Parker for 10 years, I own a business in town, and I write for a local advertising publication in my spare time. I am also the Vice-Chair for the Town Parks and Recreation Committee and am a business representative for PAACE. I feel that serving on boards and committees really helps prepare one for public office, as you learn the ins and outs of how the system works. I have also attended nearly every single Town Council meeting for the last year and a half…maybe longer?  I definitely feel the best way to prepare for an undertaking such as this, is to do a little homework.

I am asking for your vote because I feel that I can lend a new perspective to Council. I do feel very strongly that the Town of Parker should work together with the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and La Paz County, in making decisions that impact us all. The issue of whether to mandate the wearing of masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 is a perfect example of why this is needed.

I am not shy about reaching out to anyone that I feel can aid in the greater good. This is how I run my business and is an asset I feel I can bring to the Town of Parker. I also feel that a positive social media presence is needed, in this day and age, and have been pretty diligent in answering questions, and complaints, when it comes to issues with Parker Cemetery or any of the events that Parks and Recreation has held since I have been on the Committee.

In closing, if we work together, we can make the Town of Parker that much more of a great place to work, live, and play in. There are some amazing people here and it would be my honor to be able to represent you all.

Thank you.



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