The Parker Unified School District Board has given tentative approval to a budget of $16,764,039 for the 2019-20 fiscal year. A breakdown of the budget shows where that money will go.

The biggest part of the budget is $12.8 million for Maintenance & Operations. Assistant Superintendent Brad Sale said the M&O budget is $222,759 higher than it was for the last fiscal year. At a budget meeting/work session June 18, he said this amount was increased despite the district having lower enrollment.

Regular education is covered in the M&O budget, and it comes to $10.6 million. The largest expense is for teachers at $5.2 million. The following are the major expenses from the M&O budget for regular education:

Instructors (79 teachers):  $5.2 million

Operation and maintenance of plant:  $2.1 million

School administration:  $1.06 million

Central services:  $657,000

Student support services:  $608,500

General Administration:  $398,500

School-sponsored athletics:  $227,000

Special Education is also covered in the M&O budget. The budget is $1.78 million, with $932,500 for 22 teachers. Student Support Services comes to $701,000.

There are two other large expenditures covered in the M&O budget:

Pupil transportation:  $414,000

K-3 reading program:  $74,969

Another major fund is Unrestricted Capital Outlay. These are funds from the budget override passed by voters a few years ago. The total comes to $1.74 million. The following are major expenses from the UCO fund:

Library books, textbooks, instructional aids:  $350,000

Property (furniture, vehicles, equipment and tech hardware and software:  $350,000

Student and instructional staff support:  $350,000

Operation and maintenance of plant:  $280,000

Facilities acquisition and construction:  $223,782

Student Transportation:  $175,000

Food services are in a separate fund and are budgeted at $1.1 million.

As for revenues, the major source is Federal Projects, including $8 million in Impact Aid due to the presence of the Colorado River Indian Reservation in the district.  Impact Aid is the reason the Parker School District does not have a primary property tax.

Here are some of the major Federal Projects funds:

Impact Aid:  $8 million

ESEA Title 1- Helping Disadvantaged Children:  $850,000

IDEA Part B:  $800,000

ESEA Title VII- Indian Education:  $180,000

State projects include $20,000 for vocational education.

The new fiscal year begins July 1. The new school year starts Wednesday, July 31.  


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