Domestic violence resolution

Deniese Simmons Perez, Executive Director of Colorado River Regional Crisis Services read the resolution proclaiming October to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the Oct. 6 Parker Town Council meeting.

A resolution proclaiming October to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month was approved by the Parker Town Council at their Oct. 6 meeting. Deniese Simmons Perez, the Executive Director of Colorado River Regional Crisis Services read the resolution into the record at the start of the meeting.

CRRCS operates a domestic violence shelter and provides services to survivors of domestic violence. On their Facebook page, they said they had to get creative this year with events promoting awareness of domestic violence because of the coronavirus pandemic. They decided to hold a virtual event over several days on their Facebook page.

The theme this year is “Power Up, Parker and La Paz County!” The event kicks off Tuesday, Oct. 13. You can go to the CRRCS Facebook page or listen to KLPZ Radio at 9:15 that morning to learn how to enter drawings for prizes. These prizes include cash, a television, and a barbecue set.

The drawings will be held live at 12 noon Oct. 23 on Facebook.

The resolution read at the Oct. 6 town council meeting included the following information:

More than 20,000 calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide every day.

An average of 24 people in the United States are victims of intimate partner violence every minute.

Of children exposed to intimate partner violence, 30 percent will have their first exposure by age 2, and an additional 26 percent will have their first exposure between ages 2 and 7.

Victims of domestic violence are more likely to experience long-term mental and physical health concerns including chronic disease, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

Challenges related to the global coronavirus pandemic, including unemployment, reduced income, limited resources and declining social support, may increase risk factors for family violence.

The resolution goes on to state Domestic Violence Awareness Month to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence and lend support to education, prevention and intervention efforts, as well as support to those organizations that provide advocacy and support to victims of domestic violence.

On their website,, CRRCS says, “The mission of the Board and Staff of the Colorado River Regional Crisis Services is empowering individuals and their families to live a life free from domestic violence, by providing protection, education and resources.”

CRRCS operates a 24-hour, 7 days a week domestic violence hotline at 888-499-0911 or 928-669-0107.

For more about CRRCS and their services, call their office at 928-669-8620.


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