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Crowds like this will be able to watch the Parker Broncs play at home for their final two games of the 2021 season. The CRIT Tribal Council has approved a coronavirus mitigation plan for Joe Bush Stadium. The Homecoming game is Oct. 22, while the final game of the season will be Oct. 29 against the Highland Prep Honey Badgers.

The Parker High Homecoming football game will be played in Parker. Parker Unified School District Superintendent Brad Sale said a coronavirus mitigation plan was approved by the Colorado River Indian Tribes’ Tribal Council and the football team will be able to play the Homecoming game at Joe Bush Stadium.

The stadium is on Tribal land.

The Homecoming game will be at 7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 22 against the Glendale Prep Griffins.

Sale said the mitigation plan includes the following provisions:

- Face masks must be worn.

- Social distancing by family groups, with groups no less than 3 to 6 feet apart.

- Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the public areas of the stadium.

- Attendance will be limited to approximately 700 people, or 35 percent of the stadium’s capacity.

There will not be a parade of floats at half-time. Sale said that, due to the nature of the season and uncertainty about the use of the football field, the float competition was canceled for this year.

Due to a surge over the last two months in the number of new coronavirus cases, the Tribes reinstated their ‘Safer at Home’ order. One of the provisions of this order is there can be no large gatherings on Tribal land without a virus mitigation plan.

The Tribes had informed the school district they would not approve a mitigation plan for football games until the district adopted a face mask mandate for all the schools.

The Broncs football team had played all their games on the road except for their season opener Aug. 27. They had adopted the nickname “The Road Warriors.”

At a special meeting Oct. 18, the school board approved a face mask mandate with exemptions, including medical or mental conditions and unspecified “personal reasons.”

“We thank the Tribal Council for approving our mitigation plan,” Sale said. “We are going to follow that plan.”

The Broncs are 7-0 on the season and are ranked No. 1 in the Arizona Interscholastic Association 2A conference.


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sam whittemore

whos dumber....the engines or the settlers?


The commenters.

sam whittemore

youre the real rocket scientist. head over to the pen with the rest of the sheep. your shearing awaits commie.


Think of it as a house, if the owner says wear a mask, wear a mask. Any talk about how masks don’t work/or I’ve been vaccinated is simply extra baggage. The house rule is “wear a mask”

sam whittemore

god bless the stupid sheep. you have trained your kids to be useless followers. hope you all enjoy your last train ride soon.

Michael Roth

Wear a mask or stay away. If you believe masks can’t stop a virus, vote with your feet and stay away. Once businesses and institutions see people resisting, the people will win. Until then, tyranny grows. It’s really up to us to fix our situation not our so called “leaders”

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