Three long-time members of the Parker Town Council were recognized for their service at the annual conference of the League of Arizona Cities & Towns. The conference was held Aug. 21-23 at the J.W. Marriott Tucson Staff Pass Resort.

Parker Mayor Dan Beaver was recognized for 12 years of service on the Parker Town Council. Vice Mayor Jerry Hooper and Council Member Marion Shontz were recognized for 16 years of service.

In addition to Beaver, Hooper and Shontz, the Parker delegation included Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer and Council Members Frank Savino, David Lucas and Karen Bonds.

Lucas carried the town flag at the opening ceremonies.

The three from Parker were not the only ones to be recognized for their service. A total of 26 council members from around the state were recognized for eight years of service. Beaver was one of 10 council members recognized for 12 years of service. Hooper and Shontz were among the seven recognized for 16 years of service. Three were recognized for 20 years of service, two for 24 years of service, and one, from Marana, for 32 years of service.

Among the other activities at the conference were addresses from U.S. Senators Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. Wedemeyer said members of Parker’s delegation spoke directly to members of McSally’s and Sinema’s staffs.

The League also announced the retirement of Executive Director Ken Strobeck. His replacement is Tom Belshe. He’s been to Parker a few times to conduct training for council members on such matters as the Open Meeting Law.

The Parker delegation attended a dinner hosted by Arizona Public Service Aug. 21. APS CEO Don Brandt spoke at the dinner. He praised La Paz County and the La Paz Economic Development Corporation for bringing Rose Acre Farms to the area.

In addition to attending forums and presentations, Parker’s delegation staffed a booth with informational brochures and other items related to the Town.

On their website,, the League describes themselves this way:  “The aim of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns is to promote local self-government, municipal independence and provide professional and high quality assistance to the municipal governments in the State of Arizona.”

Wedemeyer said there are 91 cities and towns in Arizona. She estimated 81 of them had representatives at the League conference.


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