Salome High School

When the coronavirus struck last year, all schools around Arizona got canceled, including Salome High School. It went from one extra week on spring break to more weeks, and the weeks added up to months. This caused the rest of the school year to be cut short. Many goals and plans were put on pause.

“Not being able to finish classes, see the seniors complete their final seasons when they had such an incredible four-year run, hurts my heart,” explained Coach Bryan McCarty.

Students were unable to attend prom or finish sports, and seniors didn’t even get to have the traditional graduation they wanted.

Tatum Milts, a 2020 graduate, said, “I was upset when the school year ended early, because we didn’t get to say goodbye to all of our teachers and friends for the last time, and we never even knew it. We didn’t get to finish up school the way everyone else wanted to finish it... I would love to have just five more minutes… to say goodbye to everyone.”

Many other students had a lot to say about school ending earlier. Juan Ruelas, an upcoming sophomore, told us “school ending early affected me because I couldn’t see friends or finish my first year of high school. I was really looking forward to finishing the baseball season as well.”

The effects of the coronavirus still linger with us as we kick off a new season. The football players had to quickly get acquainted with the new rules that have been placed due to the virus. They are expected to wear masks and practice social distancing when they arrive at each day of conditioning.

“It’s difficult to try to be socially distant because your friends are out there with you and you want to be around them, but at the same time, you have to try and stay spaced out,” junior Nick Dautel said. “It’s difficult, but we have been trying our best to adjust to the rules.”

As of right now, only six games are scheduled, but that can change if the pandemic gets worse or better. During games, players will wear masks, visors, face guards, and hand sanitizer must be used.

Additionally, players will have their own individual water bottles and individual player zones. “It's a huge process, but it's also great we are getting the opportunity to give it a go. I'm excited and happy to see the team and see what we can do this year,” McCarty said positively. The Salome Frogs will be heading into their first game on Oct. 2, hoping to start off the season with an unforgettable beginning.

As athletes social distance, students have to as well. For this school year at Salome High School, the students are studying and working from home. When asked about the new distance learning, Charly Calderon said, “This distance learning has been pretty weird. It’s something new that none of us are really used to. Like having to just wake up without leaving your home and just opening the computer to learn.”

Despite the difficulties of distance learning, the school has done a lot to make it easier. They have provided Chromebooks to each student and are working to get internet hotspots to anyone who needs them.

In other news, while students are doing school at home, the lunch ladies are coming in and saving the day by packing lunches! This year, the school has started to send out free breakfast and lunch packages in 4-day kits to students who requested it. Jonathon Beckett, senior, said, “I think that it’s nice that the school is trying to provide us with free breakfast and lunch even though these circumstances.” Lunch lady Regina lamented not being able to have all the students on campus and the limited meals she could prepare for everyone in the packet, but we appreciate all the hard work she and Marina are putting in on our behalf!


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