Quartzsite schools

The La Paz County School Superintendent, Jacquline Price, will appoint Mr. Mark Orgeron to the Quartzsite Elementary School District’s Governing Board.  Mr. Orgeron received the fourth highest number of votes in the recent General Election. He has informed Superintendent Price that he will accept the appointment to the two-year Board seat.  His seat will be on the November 2020 ballot and at that time it will be listed as a regular four-year term.

The Bouse Elementary School Board election had an interesting turn of events right before the election.  Ms. Robin Cooper resigned her seat on September 27, 2018.  This left only one person on the three member board due to the vacancy created by Ms. Heather Huhtala’s resignation this past spring. An emergency existed as the District could neither keep running nor pay its obligation without a quorum.  Superintendent Price reached out to all three Board candidates. Candidate Jim Pontius said he would accept an appointment for the remainder of Ms. Cooper’s term.  At that time, Superintendent Price also appointed Ms. Pam Finkbeiner to serve out the remaining vacancy until December 31, 2020 so Bouse School District would have a full three member Board to conduct business, even if a Board member was unable to attend a meeting.  Ms. Sharon Hillhouse received 47.77% of the votes and Ms. Pam Finkbeiner received 19.07% of the votes, which were the two highest vote counts, since Mr. Pontius accepted the two-year appointment.

Arizona School Board Association provides training to all school district’s board members and many of our current and newly elected board members from the County’s six school districts will be attending school board training in December.  

For more information on the La Paz County Final Official Results for school board elections, please go to http://co.la-paz.az.us/DocumentCenter/View/984/2018-General-Election---Final-Official-Results-as-Canvassed-PDF


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