Salome Frogs

Over the summer a select group of students had some wonderful opportunities to expand their horizons and grow by attending different conferences and camps throughout Arizona and across the country. SHS Student Body President Tatum Milts had the honor of representing the 1A Conference at a convention in Indianapolis! Jadirin Perez went to HOBY this summer, a statewide leadership seminar. Her trip was sponsored by the local Lion's Club and Vi-Sa-Wen Women's Club. To round out a summer of traveling 11 students, sponsored by Salome VFW Post 3708 and the AZ Desert Riders, were able to attend a student council summer camp in Phoenix.

With summer opportunities behind us, school started back up here at Salome High School on Aug. 5. The beginning of the school year is usually slow, but this year we started out with a bang in the form of four new teachers. Featuring Ms. Stacey, the new Business teacher, Mr. McCabe, the new English teacher, Ms. Salazar, one half of the new math teacher duo, and Ms. Andres, the other half of said duo. When asked their opinion on this year’s start and the some of the new teachers, student Megan Lopes recalled, “It was really nice being able to see friends again, and the new teachers I’ve met seem pretty cool!” On another note, the freshmen class has a whopping 42 students, a new high in recent memory.

With the start of a new school year comes the start of fall sports. The girls’ volleyball team has their first home game on Sept. 5 against Tonopah Valley. They have three more home games this month: the 6th against Williams, the 16th against San Pasqual, and the 20th against Mayer. The girls’ volleyball team started practicing three weeks before their first game.

When asked about the upcoming season, Coach Avila said she thought it would go really well because they have a lot of returning seniors and some really strong underclassmen. She went on to add, “It’s really hard to get everybody on the court at once that needs to be there. We only have six positions and we probably have ten girls who could be starters.”

It wouldn’t be fall sports without a fresh football season. The Salome Frogs football team had their first game on Friday, Aug. 23 against Mohave Accelerated and won with a score of 72-0. The Frogs only have three home games left this season: on Sept. 6 against Williams, Sept. 20 against Mayer, and on October 18 against Anthem Prep.

We caught up with the head football coach, Mr. McCarty. When asked what lessons he learned from the game, Coach McCarty said that they learned the things they need to clean up before they play more elite teams and that they have to focus more during practice. When asked how he thinks the rest of the football season will go, he said that it will all depend on how hard they decide to work during the game and practice.


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