The Colorado River Indian Tribes held their annual Native American Days Celebration Sept. 26-28. While it was substantially scaled back from what it had been in year’s past, there was still the big parade in downtown Parker Sept. 28.

The parade marked the first public appearance of the newly-crowned Miss Colorado River Indian Tribes for 2019-20, Nokomis Stone. She received her crown from her predecessor, Audriana Mitchell, the night before at the pageant held on the stage at Manataba Park. Unlike earlier Miss CRITs who rode in cars or trucks, Stone walked the parade route.

Another group that marched in the parade was Stand Strong Together. They are drawing awareness to the problems of violence, drug addiction and human trafficking on Indian reservations.

The float from the Parker Area Alliance for Community Empowerment reminded everyone that Red Ribbon Week, the annual celebration encouraging young people to stay away from violence, gangs and drugs, will be at the end of October.

Familiar participants in the parade included the Parker High School Broncs Marching Band and the La Paz County Youth Parade Corp from Mish Mash Studio.

The parade was led by a color guard from the Freeman H. Sharp American Legion Post No. 70.

The parade followed the Tim Edwards Parade Route, starting at 18th Street and Joshua Avenue, following Joshua Avenue to 12th Street, and then making a left turn on 12th Street to finish at the Parker Community/Center.

The parade was followed by a community barbecue and other activities at Manataba Park.



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Fake Indians. The basis for tribal soviernty is culture and traditions. They go by Mohave culture and traditions. The 3 other tribes culture and traditions is different irrelevant. This nulls and voids out CRIT's basis for tribal soviernty and immunity. You can't mix 4 tribes and create a new tribe. It creates a hybrid tribe.


Who cares ... the whole idea of reservations is out dated .we should just do away with the just make natived feel intitled




They need to do away with reservations and the BIA. Congress of American Indians are a bunch of lawyers profiting off the plight of the American Indians. They make the native americans say the United States of America owes them when actually these organizations don't care about native americans but are just profitting off of them. The Indians need to become more self-sufficient and get away from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. A long time ago when the BIA was created, It was for primitive American Indians still living in teepees and the BIA was suppose to help them assimulate into society. Well the blood quantum is getting diluted and the Indians are modern now. The reservations were originally internment prisons camps and the Native americans today are still considered by congress as prisoners of war. I think its time to let tribal council people to start living in the real world and make everyone equal now.

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