Alliance Metals will host an Open House from noon to 3 p.m. Feb. 29 at the Centennial Community Center to discuss major changes to their manufacturing plans in La Paz County.

Alliance Metals has eliminated the use of chlorine from our plans and will also pay to train local fire fighters and will train our entire staff on hazmat responses in order to improve public safety throughout the McMullen Valley. The latter dedicates resources and capabilities to respond to accidents on the major railroad line. Those do not exist now.

The changes were formulated after two months of meetings with community leaders, residents and opponents to previous plans. The Open House will outline those plans for residents of Wenden and Salome.

“The community spoke, and we are listening. We have made significant changes to our plans including no chlorine and mitigating truck traffic to and from our facility. The use of chlorine was the top community concern. We have eliminated that. We want to bring economic development and new jobs to La Paz County and the McMullen Valley — and we want to do that working with the community,” said Loren Barton, Senior Vice President for Alliance Metals.

Alliance Metals has also agreed to numerous binding stipulations for approval of its economic development investment. Those include independent, third-party inspections to make sure emissions are being contained and water and quality are being protected and helping La Paz County craft zoning safeguards and create a new Wenden and Salome Area Plan Committee.

“We have been working residents, including some opponents to our previous plans, to address their concerns. We have been listening and our new plans show our commitment to the community. We want residents to give us a second look, a second chance,” Barton said.

Alliance Metals’ changes to its plans have also been outlined in a new letter to the community. You can see that here:


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