Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission is coming to town. If you have something you want to say about the matter between Brooke Water and EPCOR, you’ll want to be at the public comment hearing the Commission will hold at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 17, at the La Paz County Boating Safety Building at 8484 Riverside Drive north of Parker.

Brooke Water operates a water system serving about 2,100 customers in the area north of Parker known as the Parker Strip. There are three matter before the commission relating to Brooke Water. The first is the proposed sale of Brooke Water to EPCOR USA. The second is EPCOR’s proposed rate increase from Brooke’s customers. The final matter is Brooke’s proposed rate increase if the deal with EPCOR isn’t approved.

Brooke’s rates have not changed since 1992. Under both EPCOR’s and Brooke’s rate proposals, those rates would be increased an average of 40 percent.

At a public information meeting held Nov. 26, representatives of EPCOR and Brooke heard comments they said should be made to the Corporation Commission. They emphasized that the final decisions on these matters will be made by the Commission.

The Nov. 26 meeting was organized by La Paz County District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor. He urged people who had comments to come to the Dec. 17 Commission meeting.

“Those are just the sort of things the Commission needs to hear,” he said.

The Boating Safety Building is located on Riverside Drive next to the main Buckskin Fire Station.


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