Tribal Court Rules

The Tribal Courts of the Colorado River Indian Tribes have issued new mandated court procedures due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are contained in Administrative Order No. 20-004, which was issued June 1 and signed by Chief Judge Lawrence King.

The text of the order is as follows:

“All persons who are sick shall not come to the court. Any person who is sick or who is exhibiting COVID-19 (coronavirus) symptoms shall be denied entry for that day.”

“All persons must wear a mask or face covering to enter the court facility and at all times when inside. Any person who refuses to wear a mask or face covering will be denied entry for that day.”

“All persons entering the court building for either court or probation will have their temperature taken. Any person with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be denied entry for that day.”

“All persons who have been ordered to appear in court in person but who refuse to wear a face mask or covering or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, including having a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, shall be served with a judicial order to appear at the jail or on another date. If you fail to appear as directed, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.”

The Tribal Courts are located in the Tribal Complex at Mohave Road and Second Avenue (Agency Road). The phone number is 928-669-1355.


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They need to order this for Walmart, Safeway, Food City and the Gas Marts. NO MASK NO SERVICE OR SHOPPING. That's how these people are all getting infected. There's no cure.

sam whittemore

how about you stay home while this rest of us live life. unless youre obese, hypertensive, diabetic or have respiritory issues, it aint no thang. unfortunately i just described yer average murikan.

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