La Paz County Assessor Anna Camacho has filed a formal complaint against County Administrator Ron Drake, alleging he used his office for electioneering on county time and on county property. She announced the complaint in Call to the Public at the Sept. 8 County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Camacho said she filed the complaint with Mary Frantz, the county’s Human Resources Director. The complaint was turned over to the La Paz County Attorney’s Office.

County Attorney Tony Rogers said his office had received the complaint, and it had been forwarded to the Arizona Counties’ Insurance Pool for review.

Camacho alleges that, at a staff meeting Aug. 25, Drake encouraged the staff and employees to vote for a specific candidate running for the office of County Supervisor.

“This was all done on county time, in the official authority of the County Administrator, in a county building attempting to influence an election, a complete violation of the County Policy in the opinion of many that were in attendance,” Camacho said in her complaint.

Camacho claims this was a violation of the La Paz County Personnel Policy and Procedures Handbook that was adopted in 2018.

Under Section 4.1, “Political Activity,” the Handbook states:  “A:  Employees shall not 1) Use their official authority or influence for the purpose of affecting the results of an election or a nomination for office. 3) Engage in any political activity during scheduled working hours, while in uniform or engaged in county business. Examples of prohibited activity include:  c) campaigning during business hours. 5) Use, or cause to be used, any La Paz County facility, equipment or material for the purpose of any political activity.”

The Handbook states disciplinary actions for violating these policies could include dismissal.

The Pioneer was unsuccessful in its attempts to reach Drake for comment.

Camacho and Drake have frequently been at odds with each other since she took office in 2017. Camacho has claimed Drake has not provided her office with the funds, staffing and technology they need to properly do their job.


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la paz co. Park is a joke too. Management continuously harrass customers, allow drugies and Lie about u if they don't like u anymore. Ppl will not speak up for fear of being kicked out for life. The park could be beautiful again if they put someone there who actually knew what they were doing and cared about the park. Its very sad.

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