JAX is a neutered male small terrier mix.  He can be shy but he is ready for a new home.

January is a time to think of new beginnings.  Many of us establish a list of New Year’s resolutions, and this provides us an opportunity to become better “pet parents”.  Our animals truly depend upon us to provide for their many needs.  So, in keeping with this fresh start, we might include our companion animals as we make a list of resolutions. Even small, meaningful steps can improve our family’s health and happiness.

One of things I want to do is maintain an “attitude of gratitude” and remember all the many small blessings we enjoy each day.  When we are out for our early morning walk, or when one of the cats is roosting in my lap, I will relish the moment.   We so have so many wonderful moments to share, and this year we will savor them all! Perhaps that momentary peace will carry throughout the day.

This new year, 2020, can be the year we all eat healthier with fewer processed foods and more fruits and vegetables.  I have started reading the pet food labels more carefully and always choose foods prepared in this country. My animals are taking probiotics to better digest the nutrients in their food; of course, they are designed specifically for animals.

This will be our year to become more active, too.  We will enjoy more walks, more playtimes, and participate in activities which keep us fit and healthy.  Since we live in an ideal environment for outdoor activity, we will try to enjoy the outdoors more often.  The cats will have the window perches where they can safely enjoy the outside in safety.  I will keep them supplied with stimulating toys which encourage play.

This year I’ll focus more attention on my companion animals, for they deserve it.  Our bond deepens when we share quality time together.  We consider ourselves the lucky ones, just because we have each other. The coming year will also be one for helping those companion animals that don’t share the blessings we have, but can be assisted when we support organizations which care for them, especially locally.

The Town of Parker/La Paz County animal shelter depends upon our community support throughout the year.  Hundreds of animals pass through their doors annually, and some have special needs that require a special home or foster family.  The shelter can always use volunteers in support of our mission.   Thank you to everyone who supported us last year and we hope to see you again this New Year.  Let’s make 2020 the best ever!

The Town of Parker/La Paz County shelter is located at 309 7th Street, behind Western Park. Open Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday 10 to 2:00 p.m. To view animals found or available for adoption Like us on Facebook PAWS of Parker or call 669-8774 for details. 


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