Parker Magistrate Court

The Town of Parker wants to move the Magistrate Court into this building on Arizona Avenue. They are looking for funds to purchase and install the security equipment the state has mandated for them to have. In this photo from February, Spray Systems was removing asbestos and lead paint from the building so it can be remodeled.

The Town of Parker’s Magistrate Court is planning to move into a new building, and that building will need security equipment. To that end, the Parker Town Council approved a grant application to the Arizona Supreme Court for $39,322 for security equipment at their March 19 meeting.

The Town purchased a building at 1112 Arizona Avenue in March 2018 with the intent of moving the Magistrate Court and offices for the Community/Senior Center into the building. In a presentation to the Town Council, former Magistrate Jim Putz-Artrup said the state has mandated all courts have security equipment.

Among the items included in the grant application are $29,138 for a card access lock system/monitor for perimeter entry and the lobby, $5,182 for bullet-proof glass for the counter, $3,287 for metal detectors, and $1,695 for bench protection fiberglass.

Putz-Artrup said that, if the Town doesn’t apply for the grant now, the grant cycle would require them to wait until October.

Vice Mayor Jerry Hooper asked if the Town could do the work now and then apply for the funding in October. Putz-Artrup replied that they could, but he wasn’t certain how the grant administrators at the Supreme Court would respond to a request for payment for work that had already been done.

The Town purchased the building in March 2018 for $170,000. It was best known as the Motor Vehicle Division office in Parker until they moved to their new location on Mutahar Drive. The firm of Seabury Fritz was hired in February to do architectural design work on the building at a cost of $24,700. Among the new requirements for the building is that it be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Earlier this year, the firm of Spray Systems removed asbestos and lead paint from the building. The cost of $13,000 was paid from a grant from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

At the March 19 meeting, it was announced the Town would like to have the Magistrate Court move into the building in June or July.


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