Amelia Flores

Amelia Flores, above, was elected CRIT Tribal Chairperson Dec. 5. She is the first woman elected to this position.

Members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes went to the polls Saturday, Dec. 5, and they made a historic choice as they selected a new Tribal Chairperson. For the first time ever, a woman has been elected to lead CRIT. Amelia Flores received the most votes in a field of five candidates. Flores, who had been the Council’s Secretary, received 434 votes.

The incumbent, Dennis Patch, placed second with 274 votes. They were followed by Dwight Lomayesva (188), Granthum Stevens (66) and Richard Evans (56).

Flores sent the following statement to the Parker Pioneer: “I want to thank the Tribal Members for honoring me with your vote on Dec. 5, 2020. I am profoundly moved by your confidence in me. I am grateful to family, friends and loyal supporters who helped contribute their time and efforts for a safe and successful campaign during this very difficult time of covid-19. Thanks to the Election Board, CRIT Fire Department, and Tribal police officers who kept the polls safe for tribal members to vote at the General election. I am extremely humble and will serve the tribal membership as Chairwoman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes for the next four years. We Did It!”

Flores is also a member of the Parker School Board and sits on various committees in the community.

There were also four open seats for four-year terms on the Tribal Council. The top candidates were Johnson “J.D.” Fisher with 412 votes, Jaymee Moore with 385, Tommy Drennan with 371, and Robert “Bobby” Page with 317.

The field for the four-year terms was crowded, with 17 candidates. The following is a list of how the other candidates performed, according to figures provided by the Tribes:

Timothy Mariscal, 74

Leo Scott, 234

Woodrow Sharp, 314

Richard Dillon Esquerra, 63

Jimmy Alcaida, 227

Amanda Barrera, 241

Anthony Stone Jr., 115

Tommie Miller, 167

Timothy Stevens-Welsh, 266

Etta Anderson, 76

Chance Fisher, 115

Valerie Welsh-Tahbo, 308

Lori Knighton, 211

There was also a single seat on the council for a two-year term. Josephine Tahbo was elected from a field of five candidates as she received 333 votes.

The following is a list of how the other candidates performed:

Jermaine “Boyda” Fisher, 247

Daphne Hill-Poolaw, 103

Erica James, 111

Daris Laffoon, 212

In a press release, the Tribes stated members cast ballots via mail and in person, in an election process that carefully followed health and safety protocols.


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