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The Parker School Board approved a face mask mandate with exemptions at a special public hearing and meeting held Oct. 18 at Players Youth Center. Board members present at the start of the meeting included (from left) Marlon Short, Deanna Beaver, Delores Ferris and Randy Hartless. Board Member Amelia Flores arrived a short time later.

Students in the Parker Schools will now be required to wear face masks, but there are several exemptions included in the mandate.

The Governing Board of the Parker Unified School District approved a mask mandate for the schools at a special meeting Oct. 18 at Players Ninth Street Youth Center. There are four exemptions to the mask requirement:  a mental condition, a medical condition, or a disability that would preclude someone from wearing a mask, or “personal reasons.”

The goal of the mandate is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Board members Randy Hartless, Amelia Flores and Marlon Short voted in favor of the mask requirement. Deanna Beaver and Delores Ferris voted against it.

The vote came after a lengthy public hearing on a mask mandate. Arguments for the mandate included the need to protect the health of children, their families, and the community. Those opposed to the mandate said face masks should be a matter of choice, that mask mandates violated civil liberties, and that research showed masks were ineffective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes had said they wanted the school district to adopt a face mask mandate. As part of their ‘Safer at Home’ order, face masks are required in public areas on Tribal land.

The Tribes said they had the right to ask this as the schools are within the boundaries of their reservation, and the district’s actions affect Tribal members. They made it clear Parker High School would not be allowed to use Joe Bush Stadium, which is on Tribal land, for football games until the district had a mask mandate.

The Parker School District had previously mandated masks at Le Pera Elementary School, which is located on Tribal land south of Poston. They were also mandated on school busses, which often travel on roads on the reservation.

Earlier this year, Arizona public school districts were barred from requiring masks for their students. This law was struck down Sept. 27, by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Katherine Cooper. On Sept. 30, the Arizona Supreme Court rejected Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s request to stay Cooper’s ruling.

Hartless said the issue here was the health and safety of students and their families. The football field, he said, was a side issue.


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"They made it clear Parker High School would not be allowed to use Joe Bush Stadium, which is on Tribal land, for football games until the district had a mask mandate." Sounds a lot like extortion. And isn't the vote by Amelia Flores, the CRIT Chairperson, a conflict of interest as she is the one holding the us of the stadium over the heads of the Board?

sam whittemore

its great to see we are getting the country we deserve! stoopit murikans are gonna get it good and hard.


"Personal reasons" is just a blanket excuse to not wear a mask. We've been in a pandemic for almost two years. There should be no question as to why it continues to affect people. There's a reason why it's called a pandemic. pan·dem·ic


adjective: (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

726,000 dead Americans and 45 million Covid cases (current). What happened to the importance of keeping your community safe no matter the cost? Each citizen should be doing their part to keep everybody safe. It's not about your personal choice. It's about safety of a community.

sam whittemore

you truly are an idiot if you believe anything in your post. go choke yourself .


Cite the number of deaths caused by heart disease Einstein, cancer, substance abuse, car accidents. those numbers are inflated to increase the dread and fear of the public. COVID is very real, and I fully acknowledge that, however the truth has not been told. And the American propaganda machine has promoted fear and panic. Look Einstein don't put a price on our freedoms!


The COVID numbers are inflated. Research how many people died in 2020 from heart disease.

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