Water Show

The Town of Parker will be providing funds for the annual summer swim program. The program ends in late June with the Perry Hoffman Memorial Water Show, the 2018 version of which is shown here.

The annual summer swim program will be getting some financial help from the Town of Parker. The Town Council approved spending $1,200 on the Pop Harvey Aquatic Association’s Swim Camp and $5,500 for the Learn to Swim program.

With the Town of Parker no longer having a public pool, the Colorado River Indian Tribes are contributing the use of the pool at the Kofa Inn for the program. The Kofa Inn is a Tribal enterprise.

In recommending to the Council that they approve the funding, Public Works Director Steve Ziegler noted children in the care of Colorado River Crisis Services and Child Protective Services receive benefits from these swim lessons.

Council Member Karen Bonds thanked the aquatic association for running the swim program as they have for so many years. She noted three leaders from the association were in the audience at the Council meeting:  Buni Hooper, Brenda Crutcher and Raquel Reyna.

“You’ve been the glue holding the swim program together for a long time,” Bonds said.

The association hopes to provide swim lessons for 100 children this summer.

A total of 113 young people participated in last year’s program. They included 12 small children who signed up for the “Mom & Tot” classes, seven from the group home and the Colorado River Indian Tribes, five from the Gingerbread House, and 61 from the general public.

There were 28 who signed up for lifeguard classes, and four who received scholarships.

Fifteen junior high students were employed by the program, along with 16 Parker High students and five adults. This made for 36 summer jobs, which was 12 more than in 2017.

The total income from the program, including donations from civic organizations, residents, and the Town of Parker, came to $24,655.32, an increase of $2,308.17. Service club donations came to $12,500 and the Town contributed $5,500.

It’s estimated that since the summer swim program was begun in the 1960s, over 10,000 area children have learned to swim through the program.

The Pop Harvey Aquatic Association is looking for donors for the 2019 program. To find out more about them, call the Gingerbread House at 928-669-8319.

In another matter, the Council appointed Nora Yackley as Acting Town Clerk. This came following the dismissal of Candy Cockrell at the April 2 meeting. Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer said the Town is actively advertising for a new clerk.


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