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The Parker Town Council adopted the Town of Parker’s budget for fiscal year 2019-20 at their July 2 meeting. The total budget is for $17,748,761.

That does not mean the Town has that much money to spend. However, possible revenues the Town might receive must be included in the budget for the Town to be able to spend that money. As an example, the Capital Projects Fund’s revenue of $6.79 million consists largely of grants and other funds the town has not applied for but might still receive. These include Impact Fees from Parker South.

The general fund revenue includes $1.079 million for “miscellaneous.” Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer said they would receive this amount only if the Town sold all the remaining lots in the former Alewine Property on Riverside Drive.

The following are the budgets for each of the Town’s funds:

General Fund:  $5,072,446

Special Revenue Funds:  $4,136,048

Permanent Fund:   $9,625

Capital Projects Fund:   $6,792,002

Utility Enterprise Fund (water):   $913,640

Debt Service Fund:   $825,000

Major sources of funding for the general fund include the sales tax ($1.35 million), state shared revenues ($1.193 million), licenses and permits ($231,000) and fines and fees ($164,000).

The major expenditures from the general fund are the Police Department ($1.362 million) and capital projects ($601,000).

The major capital project from the general fund will be $180,000 for the new building for the Magistrate Court. Remodeling work on the structure is already underway.

Major street projects planned for the 2019-20 fiscal year include replacing asphalt, curbs and gutters on Chemehuevi, Desert, Eagle and Fiesta Avenues from Riverside Avenue to 11th Street. Other street projects include replacing the asphalt in the parking lots of the Public Library and the Community/Senior Center. The Public Works Department will be replacing a 26-year-old power broom used for sweeping streets.

Other capital expenses include a new service truck for the Water Department. It will be paid for through the Utility Enterprise Fund.

The new fiscal year started July 1.


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