Gary Zak

Gary "Zak" Zakrajsek

La Paz County District 3 Supervisor:  Gary “Zak” Zakrajsek, Republican

My name is Gary "Zak" Zakrajsek and I'm running for District 3 Supervisor. I wish to properly represent & assist the citizens & employees of La Paz County.

Over the past several years, I have been disappointed by the management of the La Paz County Administration and the Supervisors who have supported them. Recently, our County Administrator, Ron Drake, has proven to be another poor manager, but our Supervisor, Holly Irwin, recently supported him by giving him a contract extension and a raise without an evaluation. As a past 26-year employee of La Paz County, I have been beyond frustrated with its management and how District 3 has been ignored when it comes to several issues that, to date, have not been resolved. To name a few:

The Centennial Wash flooding issues need to be finally addressed properly.

Return the La Paz County Parks system back to an Enterprise Funded system as originally intended.

Return to a 5-day work week and reopen the County Public Works facility in Salome.

Address the raises given to County Department Heads without evaluations.

Address high property taxes to support Arizona Western College.

To add transparency, provide a live feed of the Board of Supervisors’ meetings.

Get to the truth on the water issues.

Keep District 3 zoning Agricultural/Residential; no smelter.

Promote Tourism in District 3.

Control speed on Highway 60.

Improve road maintenance in District 3.

Improve Animal Shelter and Animal Control in the county.

Hiring employees based on education, experience, and individual merits instead of nepotism.

I was a La Paz County Parks employee for 26 years. I have operated Zak’s Deli in Salome, am a partner and owner of RZ Mini Mart in Salome, and owned and operated Zak’s Carpet Cleaning Service in Salome. I have served on the Board of the McMullen Valley Chamber of Commerce and am an active member of the American Legion.

Prior to relocating to Arizona, I was President of Tranzak Distributing in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources and Recreation Management from Ohio State University.

I have been the Event Coordinator for the Colorado River Blues Festival since 2013. This event benefits the American Legion. I was the coordinator of the Wenden Chihuahua Festival from 2015 to 2017. This event benefitted the Animal Relief Fund and the Lewis Cat Shelter in Salome.

Vote Gary “Zak” Zakrajsek for District 3 Supervisor Aug. 4.


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