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The Colorado River Indian Tribes have issued a statement they found no tampering with the gas pumps at the Running Man Fuels Stations. This came after social media posts about bank cards being compromised after being used at Running Man. The Tribes urged everyone to practice caution with PIN numbers and other personal information while pumping gas.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes issued a statement May 14 regarding claims made on social media of credit cards being compromised after being used at the Running Man Fuel stations. They said they found no evidence of tampering or “skimming” devices on the pumps, but still urged everyone to practice caution with their PIN numbers and other personal information while pumping gas.

The Running Man Fuel stations are CRIT enterprises. There are two locations. One is at the corner of Mohave Road and State Route 95 across from Bradley Chevrolet. The other is located at Riverside Drive and Airport Road, across from Safeway and the Moovalya Plaza Shopping Center.

The statement came about as a result of two postings by Michael Pike on the Bouse Bugle Facebook page. In the first, dated May 4, Pike said he believed his bank cards had been compromised at Running Man Fuel. He said his bank card number showed up in charges he didn’t make at two Circle K stores.

The replies to the posting came from several persons who said they had similar problems with their bank cards after using them to buy gas at Running Man Fuel.

Two days later, on May 6, Pike posted he had reported the matter to the CRIT Police Department and filed a report. He urged others who had similar experiences to report them to the CRIT PD as well.

On May 14, the following statement from the Tribes was posted on the CRIT Manataba Messenger Facebook page. It was later shared to the Bouse Bugle page:

Statement From Colorado River Indian Tribes Regarding Credit Card Concerns At Running Man Gas Pumps

One week ago an individual posted on social media concerns about credit cards being compromised after they were used at Running Man gas pumps. Law enforcement was notified and the matter is being investigated.

Third party inspections were done at both Running Man Fuel Stations on fuel pumps. No evidence of tampering or skimming devices has been found. It should also be noted that the gas pumps at Running Man are regularly inspected by staff for tampering of any kind. Running Man will be exploring additional steps including the use of security seals and other upgrades to continue to minimize the risk of tampering with the fuel pumps.

Running Man will continue to be vigilant in preventing compromise of customer credit/debit cards. Customers using credit/debit cards for any automated transactions regardless of location should always use common sense practices such as shielding pin numbers and passwords in addition to regularly checking credit statements.

If anyone sees any suspicious activity at the Running Man Fuel Stations, please report that immediately to the staff at Running Man Fuel Stations.


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sam whittemore

including seals the article sez. so if there werent any seals to start with..........

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