PARKER — The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office got a surprise Monday when they received a call regarding human remains found in the Colorado River. When divers from the sheriff’s office and the Buckskin Fire Department arrived on the scene, they found someone had placed two fake skeletons in lawn chairs under the river’s surface, apparently having a tea party.

Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Curt Bagby said he was at the La Paz County Board of Supervisors meeting when he received the call about human remains found in the river. When he arrived on the scene with Buckskin firefighters, he had one of their divers sent down with a video camera.

Bagby asked they not bring anything up because this could have been a crime scene.

When they saw the video, they could see someone had played a joke on them.

Bagby said firefighters decided not to remove anything from the scene, but said they might do something about it in the future.


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