There will be no Veterans Day Parade this year in Parker. The parade, which was set for Saturday, Nov. 13, has been canceled due to what the Town of Parker has described as a lack of participants.

The following statement was posted Wednesday evening, Nov. 10, on the Town’s Facebook page:

“We regret to announce the Veteran’s Day Parade has been cancelled due to lack of participation. Thank you to all of our Veterans for everything you have done for our country and community.”

The last time the Town of Parker has a Veterans Day Parade was 2019. The 2020 parade was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Veterans Day is officially Nov. 11. It marked the day when the fighting in World War I ended, and was originally called Armistice Day. After World War II, the name was changed to Veterans Day to honor all those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.


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sam whittemore

when you think about, the last war we won was ww2. we just got shown the door by 7th century goat herders after a 20 year multi trillion dollar loss. well, the people at the top didnt lose, i mean. they made bazillions off us tax paying sheep. the military doesnt protect us or our freedom. they work for the MIC. employees really. nothing more. why should they get a parade? i mean,all the UPS drivers might as well get a parade too. but, keep flying those federal rags with the blue stripe on them. cheer on your open air prison guards too.


I often see your rhetoric and consistent negativity to most every single article posted on this news site. Many times, I hold my tongue, as it is no better for a person to stoop to the same levels as those whom are already there. Now besides your poor lack in grammar skills, which elude to your perception on the world. I have to reply to this. " the military doesn't protect us or our freedom. they work for the MIC. employees really. nothing more. why should they get a parade?", Obviously you haven't served, and your neglect for those whom have put sacrifices, others such as yourself before them, so you can complain, point fingers, and blatantly disrespect their services for your "Freedoms" to do such, proves the level of your intelligence sir. As you hide behind a keyboard and make such statements.

Remember, the true sheep (as you like to label everyone except yourself), are the ones that don't stand up for what's right, but choose to stand in the dark and talk down on others, about the things they themselves are too afraid to do. Your freedom, your rights, your country that protects you. You're welcome for that, maybe thank a veteran rather than say they aren't deserving of your respect. We don't ask for parades, we don't even ask for your thanks. But we deserve your respect, and we will not tolerate the ignorance in the statement you made. If you can't see the insult and pure disregard for true patriots by calling us nothing more than employees and saying we don't deserve any recognition, or respect, (cause that my ill informed keyboard commando,) is the true calling of a sheep. So go back to your hateful flock, and let freedom ring in your ears as you continue to badger, complain, and hide behind your keyboard. Rather than stepping up, and fixing a problem, having the courage and commitment to make a change.

Say what you want, just remember to say thank you to those same undeserving veterans for the rights and freedoms to continue to do so... Goodbye sir...

sam whittemore

blow it out your ignorant hole. let me tell you where my opinion comes from . daughter is an active duty 13 Bravo. her husband is an active duty 0367 with 2 trips to the Stan that saw active combat . next is a retired bird col from the army brother in law. after them comes 2 active duty nephews in the navy. even they agree if everyone honored their oaths, they would be fighting the true enemy the domestic ones. war is when the govt tells you who the enemy is. revolution is when you figure it out for yourself. go fly that federal rag proudly. fool.

sam whittemore

by the by, if you think we are free in the usa, you truly are educated. not smart. perhaps you can read usmc gen. smedley butlers comments on the whole matter go give youself a parade.

Michael Roth

Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in his day, wrote the book “War Is A Racket” he ought to know. He also stopped a communist coup during the Roosevelt administration I believe. None of the wars in my lifetime (maybe ever) have been about freedom or the Constitution.


Hmm, guessing revolutionary war, WWI, or WWII were about???

Not to mention, it is not always our way of life or freedom we fight for, but many times for those civilians in countries whom do not have the means to fight for themselves. Selflessness is the act of doing what others are unwilling to do to provide a better way of life not often for ourselves, but others.

Everyone has their own views, and that is a freedom often overlooked. Compare this country to others, then talk about freedoms... As you very well put it, Smedley Butler, stopped a communist coup (Think that might have been a way of war to prevent a loss of freedoms)?

sam whittemore

hey voice youre another idiot boomer. it aint 1957 anymore. FOAD.

Michael Roth

Bullshit voice, we have no business in foreign wars. America is not supposed to be an empire. Maybe read Smedlys book before hypothesizing

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